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When The Best Time Milky Way At Mt. Bromo? Check This Tour Package! – Actually not many Milky Way know, I don’t know yet, is that milky way? let’s discuss together what is milky way. “The Milky Way is a collection of millions of stars that have a volume like dust and also gas located on the plate / plane of the galaxy / Milky Way (Milky Way)” According to Wikipedia:

In Indonesian, the term “Bimasakti” comes from black characters in the wayang, namely Bima. This term came about because the ancient Javanese saw it the composition of the stars scattered at the base if connected and drawn a line would form a picture of Bima wrapped around a dragon snake then called “Milky Way”. Meanwhile, Western societies call it milky way because they see it as a white glowing mist band stretching out on a celestial ball.

The Natural Phenomenon of Bromo Milky Way is still not popular because it is still far behind the Bromo sunrise tour that is in great demand by foreign and domestic tourists, besides to see the milky way and take pictures need special skills, and only photographer lovers can only enjoy the beauty of Bromo Milky Way

some foreign tourists say that milky is the best Mount Bromo Tour among other tourist attractions. including peter weles tourists from England said “Mount Bromo is a place that has a beautiful sky and the best of the Milky Way in the world. I really enjoyed it here “.

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When The Best Time Milky Way At Mt. Bromo? Check This Tour Package!

There are several Bromo Milky Way spots that are most in demand such as climbing Penanjakan 1 of Mt.bromo, on Mount Bromo, second climbing Penanjakan 2 bromo and kingkong hills, from all these places have different beauty but all of them do not leave the beauty of Mount Bromo but to see natural phenomena bromo milky way is needed the right time that is when the weather is cloudless between 01.00 – 04.00 in the morning and occurs between April and September, where Indonesia at that time experienced a dry season.

The right time to deliver the fonemona milky way on Mount Bromo, you need to take an early break at the nearest hotel in the area of ​​Mount Bromo and then start visiting at 1:00 AM with the only transportation to go to some interesting places that have been agreed upon by the Jeep bromo tour.

After getting the chosen place, you just wait for the appearance of Bromo milky way while looking for a suitable place to put a tripod and camera until it’s ready to catch. When you have finished enjoying the Bromo Milky Way, you can continue to enjoy Sunrise at 05:20 and end up taking a photo for Mount Bromo View because from the peak of climbing Penanjakan 1 bromo, all views will look very amazing and able to capture all the parts that offer a million beauty like Mount Batok , Bromo Crater and Bromo Caldera, which surrounds “Mount Bromo” and the highest mountain in East Java, namely Mount Semeru.

Thus posting about information Mount Bromo Milky Way, hopefully useful and be a holiday reference weekend, to order bromo tour packages, Batu Malang city tour, Bromo Malang batu tour packages, Mount Bromo Ijen Crater tour packages and bromo jeep rental please contact contact us.

To enjoy this Bromo Milky Way tour Package, you can start / start a tour from Surabaya, Malang Batu, Banyuwangi, Jogja and Bali with the Details / Itinerary as follows:

  • To start the bromo tour package, we will pick you up in Surabaya, or Malang at 22:00 PM, then continue the trip by Bromo car to the place where the jeep at sukapura rental or cemoro lawang Probolinggo. it takes about 2.30 hours.
  • Arriving at Sukapura Perobolinggo / Desa Cemoro Lawang, you are transferred to a hardtop / Jeep Tour Bromo Sunrise to the place to see Milky Way of Mount Bromo which is located on the Love HILL or Bukit Cinta.
  • 03:00 return to the Bromo Jeep parking then go to the Bromo sunrise view the main point at the top of Pananjakan 1 (the best spot to see sunrise of Mount Bromo).
  • After enjoying the Sunrise Tour, the journey continues to the bromo crater by passing the sand sea / mountain caldera.
    Arriving at the centra parking area (location before Pura Poten) you can rent a horse or walk to reach the crater of Mount Bromo.
  • When you feel satisfied enough to see the phenomenon of the Bromo crater, the jeep driver drive to the Savana site and at the same time go to Bukit Teletubies or teletubbies hill.
  • After satisfied exploration of all the beauty of the surrounding of Bromo mountain, Jeep driver drove back to the original pick-up place, then by car to tak you (Surabaya, Malang, Banyuwangi), and the milky way package toured overnight is finish.


  • Private transport
  • Bromo Jeep Tour Bromo Milky way
  • Hotels at Bromo or Homestay
  • Bromo tourist entrance ticket
  • Bonfire for body warmers
  • Warm coffee or tea drinks
  • Mineral water along the way


  • Lunch and dinner
  • Horse in Bromo
  • Personal expenses

What needs to be brought to tour the Bromo Milky Way tour

  • Warm clothes or jacket
  • Mask
  • Gloves
  • Scarf
  • Kerpus or head cover
  • Shoes

For information about “Bromo Milky Way Travel Package“. Please contact the contact that we have provided.

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