Package Tours: Mount Semeru Trekking The Highest Peak In Java

Package Tours: Mount Semeru Trekking The Highest Peak In Java

Package Tours: Mount Semeru Trekking The Highest Peak In Java  In 4DAYS 3NIGHTS – Do you like adventure to the top of the mountain? In East Java there is a mountain that is currently very crowded visited by adventurers, namely Mount Semeru. Mount Semeru has a height of 3676 mdpl and is the highest mountain in Java. If you are interested in conquering the summit of Mount Semeru, we provide Mount Semeru Climbing Package 4 Days 3 Night.

This package of Mount Semeru Trekking is special for you who like the natural beauty that is still natural because in the mountain semeru there is a lake that is very beautiful and very popular among the climbers of Lake Ranu Kumbolo. Here are some provisions, facilities, plans for climbing of this 4-day 3-night mountain tour package.

Package Mount Semeru Trekking 4 Days 3 Nights

Itinerary detail :

Day 1: Malang / Surabaya, Ranupane, Ranu Kumbolo

  • Meeting point can be in Malang or Surabaya city, either at airport, station, terminal or hotel.
  • Then continue the journey to District Tumpang (jeep base) and complete all the needs that are lacking.
  • The trip continues to Ranupane Village and takes care of the licensing requirements and continued trekking to Lake Ranu Kumbolo, approximately 5 hours on foot.
  • After that set up the tent, cook, eat and rest.

Day 2: Ranu Kumbolo, Post Kalimati

  • Get up early, cook and have breakfast.
  • The journey continues through to Tanjakan Cinta and Oro-Oro Ombo (lavender park) to Kalimati Post as the last camp before trekking to the top of mahameru 3676 mdpl.
  • In Post Kalimati prepare all the needs that will be brought to the summit semeru, and set up tents and rest until midnight.
  • Distance from Ranu Kumbolo to Post Kalimati more or less takes 4 hours on foot.

Day 3: Post Kalimati, Puncak Mahameru, Post Kalimati, Ranu Kumbolo

  • At midnight around 12 o’clock heading for the peak of Mahameru / Mount Semeru through Arcopodo and Kelik and conquer trekking summit to the top mahameru.
  • After reaching the peak you can take many pictures with the best moment here, then down back to Post Kalimati and continued to Lake Ranu Kumbolo.
  • Overnight in this beautiful lake. The journey from Post Kalimati to Puncak Mahameru takes 6 hours journey.

Day 4: Ranu Kumbolo, Ranupane, Malan City / Surabaya Airport 

  • In the morning after cooking and breakfast continue the journey from Ranu Kumbolo to Ranupane Village.
  • After arriving in Ranu Pane completion of the trekking program of Mount semeru package is finish then continue to the city of Malang or the city of Surabaya, the tour is end

Package Semeru Trekking Includes:

  • Transport PP Malang – Ranupane
  • 4 day Climbing Permit + Insurance
  • Complete equipment (tents, cookware, etc.)
  • Team Porter (Bringing a tent)
  • Professional Guide
  • Eat during the clim journey
  • Documentation


  • Private Porter
  • Personal equipment
  • Personal expenses

Personal Equipment Prepared for trekking of Mount Semeru :

  • Shoes & socks
  • Gloves
  • Jacket
  • Head lamp / flashlight
  • Personal clothing
  • Raincoat / Ponco / Rain Coat
  • Personal medicines
  • Photocopy of ID card
  • Mask
  •  All this equipment is brought by yourself (not brought by team porter)

Package Price for Semeru Trekking East Java :

Please contact our contact and confirm the number of participants who will participate in this  climbing package of semeru. We will inform the price tariff according to the number of package participants.

Terms and Conditions :

  • Fleet of transportation used Jeep 4 × 4
  • age of the ascent applies to local or tourists
  • This package is a private climbing package (not an open trip) and not combined with other guests.
  • This package can be custom (tourist malang batu, tour mount bromo, etc) please by request

That is the package offer climbing MountSemeru 4 days 3 nights from the city of Malang or surabaya. This climbing package can be custom, such as package climbing of Mt.Semeru 3 days 2 nights and combind with Mount Bromo or top B29 Argosari Lumajang. if there are many question you can contact us for reservations please