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Best Hotel In Bromo, Residence at Plataran Bromo Wonokitri Pasuruan – Lodging is one of the things to consider when traveling. This applies also when going to travel to Mount Bromo East Java. Incidentally, around this tourist spot, there are several lodging places that are worthy of being a place to stay.

Best Hotel In Bromo, Residence at Plataran Bromo Wonokitri Pasuruan

One of the inn is Plataran Bromo. The location of this inn is fairly strategic. The location of the inn itself is located at 16 km from Mount Bromo and close to one of the tourist attractions in Bromo, Penanjakan 1.

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Accommodation and Facilities at Plataran Bromo Lodging

Plataran Bromo Lodging  There are two types of accommodation in this inn, namely Private Pool Family Villa and Mezzanine Lodge. Private Pool Family Villa is a suitable accommodation for tourists who bring families. Because, accommodation can accommodate up to 10 adults and has several rooms in it.

Accommodation in the form of this villa also has a number of supporting facilities. The facilities include: walk in closet, living room, dining room, kitchen, LCD TV, minibar, and various other luxurious amenities.

Meanwhile, Mezzanine Lodge accommodation is an accommodation suitable for tourists who specifically bring couples. Here, tourists will be provided with two single mattresses or one large mattress, as desired. As for some of the accommodation supporting facilities, among others: personal digital save, mosquito roll, and repellant. >> Check the closest hotel in Mount Bromo

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Teras Bromo

In addition to accommodation accommodations, Hotel Plataran Bromo also has a number of restaurants in it. One such restaurant is the Bromo Terrace which is quite famous. This restaurant has a rural architecture and is located at an altitude of 2,300 meters above sea level. So, in this restaurant, tourists will feel the rural atmosphere and can see the beautiful scenery from the height of this restaurant.

In terms of menu, this restaurant has a diverse menu, ranging from snacks to heavy meals. For snacks, tourists can taste the dumplings that are highly recommended by this restaurant. Unlike other dumplings, these dumplings contain green beans that will melt when bitten.

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For heavy meals, tourists can taste the mainstay menu in the form of Penanjakan Fried Rice. So named because this food is inspired by Penanjakan 1 which is a tourist destination that is near Teras Bromo.

The appearance is also unique. Because, this one fried rice is not brownish, but greenish in color. This green color itself is inspired by the green scenery of Penanjakan 1. The coloring used by fried rice itself is a natural coloring, namely green chili.

Not only dining, tourists can also do a number of activities here. Here, tourists can relax in the lounge or also watch the surrounding scenery in the restaurant deck area. If you want to go to Pelataran 1, tourists can rent jeeps that are rented exclusively at this restaurant.

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