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Wonderful Madakaripura Waterfall Near, Mt.Bromo Probolinggo. – Have You Ever heard of this place in Probolinggo ? yups… Madakaripura waterfall. This tourist attraction is a the highest waterfall in Java Island and is the second highest waterfall in Indonesia after waterfall the Gura – Gura in North Sumatra. This waterfall is included in the area of ​​Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park with an altitude of 200 m. Madakaripura waterfall is also called the eternal waterfall, this is due to the flow of water that never dies even during the long dry season.


Location of Madakaripura waterfall object itself is located in Negororejo village, Kec. Lumbang, Probolinggo District – East Java and access to tourist attractions in Probolinggo is very easy to reach, either by motorcycle or private vehicle, in addition you can also visit it by utilizing public transportation facilities. In addition to its location is very easy to reach, along the journey to the waterfall attractions of Madakaripura  Probolinggo also presents spectacular views such as the surrounding land and also the cliffs towering around the tourist area.

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Tourist attractions in Probolinggo are usually also visited by tourists who will visit Mount Bromo, this is because the location is on the way to the Bromo area. However, the things you need to consider in visiting this tourist attraction is the hours of visit should not exceed 14:00 pm. This is because the weather in this waterfall tourist sites are moist and often happen to rain that affects the water discharge here that can trap you when visiting here.

The history of Madakaripura Waterfall that you should know

HISTORY OF MADAKARIPURA WATER, for those of you who come from East Java, you should be familiar with this word, and you will immediately be directed to the sosol of a great hero who is able to unite the archipelago under a Majapahit coconut sugar banner, Maha Patih Gajah Mada.

If we trace deeper, this Madakaripura waterfall is closely related to the long history of the Majapahit kingdom. Patih Gajah Mada along with Hayam Wuruk managed to unite the archipelago. Patih Gajah Mada himself has extraordinary expertise in the fields of strategy, diplomacy and even war. That’s why Patih Gajah Mada was able to be trusted by the Archipelago kings.

According to local residents the name Madakaripura, means “last place”. This name is taken from a story that has circulated in his day. It is said that Patih Gajah Mada spent the end of his life meditating on the location of this waterfall. Patih Gajah Mada’s media location in the cave in the main waterfall. This story is reinforced by the statue of Gajah Mada which is located in the parking area of ​​the Madakaripura waterfall area. Initially this area was the land of marriage given by King Majapahit as a gift to Gajah Mada for his work to unify the archipelago, with his famous oath as “Palapa Oath.”

The contents of the oath are: “Sira Ggajah Mada papatih amungkubumi tan ayun amukti palapa, sira Gajah Mada: Lamun huwus lost the archipelago ingsun amukti palapa, seagrass lost to Seram ring, Tanjungpura, Haru ring, Pahang ring, Dompu, ring Bali, Sunda, Palembang , Tumasik, samana ingsun amukti palapa. “If interpreted into Indonesian means: that Gajah mada will not eat the fruit of palapa (luxury, fasting) before he can unite the earth (Nusantara). Mentioned in this case is the kingdom of Gurun, Seram, Tanjung Pura, Haru, Pahang, Dompo, Bali, Sunda, Palembang, Tumasik where some of the kingdoms at that time were still united.

How to visit the Madakaripura Waterfall ?

Visiting tourist attractions in Probolinggo this one is very easy to use both public transportation and private vehicles. If you are from outside the city you can transit first in Surabaya, then continue the trip to Probolinggo regency with the route through Sidoarjo – Porong – Pasuruan – Probolinggo with travel time about 3 hours drive. Once you get to Kecamatan Tongas – Probolinggo District, you can take the right direction, and continue the journey to Lumbang District. After arriving in Kecamatan Lumbang you will find a fork again, you can take the direction to the left to get to the tourist attraction area Madakaripura Waterfall. If you are straight you will head to the tourist area of ​​Mount Bromo East Java.

After arriving at the entrance of Madakaripura waterfall tour, your journey is still continued with walking times with travel time approximately 20 minutes, and all you need to remember here is do not carry too much weight, so you do not get tired quickly. Medan here is a path that can only be passed by on foot.

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Ticket price for entering the Madakaripura Waterfall

East Java is one of the provinces in Indonesia that stores a variety of natural beauty, one of which is presented in the city of Probolinggo, which we know as the Madakaripura Waterfall. as we explained above, this one tourist attraction is quite popular among the surrounding community and even people outside the city, many come to this tourist spot to witness firsthand the beauty of a waterfall that is so exotic after a tour to Mount Bromo
To be able to see the beauty of the madakaripura waterfall directly, visitors are required to pay the entrance ticket first, while the price of the entrance ticket Madakaripura is Rp. 11,000
The cost of entering the madakaripura waterfall is quite cheap considering that visitors can enjoy the beauty of the waterfall that is so natural, but the ticket prices are outside of other costs such as vehicle parking and motorcycle taxi transportation.

Facilities Of Madakaripura Waterfall Lumbang Probolinggo

The facilities in this tourist area are quite complete:

Warung: You don’t need to worry, in this waterfall area there are quite a lot of stalls offering various kinds of food and drinks. So if you forget or run out of food and drink, you don’t have to worry, you can still find it easily in this tourist location at a fairly affordable price.
Mosque: For those of you who are Muslim, there is no need to worry about worship being the main point for you. When enjoying the beauty of Nature created by the Creator, you can still carry out your obligations in this place.
Bathroom: There are several bathroom facilities provided by the manager, you can use it. But you must keep it clean so that the bathroom that has been provided can be maintained properly.
Parking: As with other tourist attractions, this tourist location provides adequate parking. But you must remain careful so that you feel uneasy when your vehicle is parked. Keep your vehicle safe by double locking.
Lodging: This tourist attraction is fairly interesting, therefore many business people in the hotel sector are quite interested in establishing hotels and inns near this tourist area.

Guys, for those of you who plan to visit Madakaripura Waterfall. The easiest access through Probolinggo, you can take the path to Mount Bromo via Tongas if coming from the direction of Surabaya. You can get by land or air transportation to get to Probolinggo, just hunting for flight ticket to Juanda Airport, Surabaya then proceed with travel and public transportation. Do not worry about lodging, in Bromo area hotel reservation with a lot of price variations and facilities that support during the holidays.

If only you have vacation time to Bromo, it’s good to finish explore Bromo you can all visit Madakaripura Waterfall. How? Do not you feel interested? Enter your next destination list now.

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