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Visit Mount Bromo East Java, Indonesia – Tourism of Mount Bromo in East Java is indeed invite many tourists for its natural scenic beauty of the height of the mountains, Mount Bromo name itself is taken from one of the major gods in the Hindu Brahma, Mount  Bromo has an altitude of 2329 meters above sea level.

The status of Mount Bromo is still active create a special attraction for tourists, the beautiful expanse of mountains surrounded by white clouds unsaturated eyes to see, travel Mount Bromo is frequently visited by tourists, especially on holidays.

In Mount Bromo we can see the beautiful sunrise from a height of 2,780 meters above sea level expanse of mountains beautifully decorated like a country above the clouds. No fewer tourists want to capture the beautiful moments of this, from the roof of climbing tourists can see the beautiful mountain semeru that emit fumes that coincided with the rising sun shed light on the beauty of Mount Bromo.

Visit Mount Bromo Tourism

Mount Bromo tourism famous for her culture one festival Yadnya Kasada or Kasodo conducted once a year, when the event a festival lasted no fewer tourists come just to enjoy the festival, do not be surprised if on that day filled with tourists both from within the country and outside country.

Festival Yadnya Kasada or Kasodo done by giving offerings of animals for slaughter, the vegetables and the money thrown to the crater of Mount Bromo as a symbol of gratitude to the Almighty.

History Of Mount Bromo, Probolinggo East Java

History of Mount Bromo began when during the Majapahit Empire, the time of the major offensive that resulted in the community are required to move from hometown until they flee in two places, one on the island of Bali and partly on the slopes of Mount Bromo, it became the forerunner of religion which many profess in two places.

The name “Tengger” is believed to come from the legend Anteng Roro and Joko Seger. “Teng” is Roro An-name suffix “lantern” and “ger” is the suffix name of Joko As “ger” and Mount Bromo also recognized also as a sacred mountain. The Hindus call it by the name of Mount Brahma. Average Javanese call it Mount Bromo.

Tourist Spot In Mount Bromo Indonesia

View Point 1 Mount Bromo Sunrise

This is one of the favorite places scenic of Mount Bromo, from here we can see the beautiful mountain range is broad wrapped by a cloud, besides of when climbing to Mount Bromo we can see the beautiful sunrise with cast golden light, very suitable for photography.

Leaving for climbing should be in the morning around 03.00 am to be able to watch the beautiful sunrise from climbing Mount Bromo, wake up from hotel to the jeep and drive to Penanjakan on Mount Bromo, leaving early is expected to not miss to enjoy the sunrise and also looking for a suitable place that is not occupied by other travelers were early.

Whispering Sands of Mount Bromo

Whispering Sands is also one of the tourist destinations of Mount Bromo, scaly sand taken from the state of its place in the form of sand were spacious and beautiful, this place became popular because it was once the site Whispering Sands movie starring Sastro Ward. In the midst of this vast sand that contained a public sembayang Tengger tribe.

Teletubbies Hill of Mount Bromo ( Savanna )

Teletubbies hill of Mount Bromo also one of the tourist destinations of Mount Bromo, a beautiful expanse of green meadow grass grew resembling Teletubbies hill surrounded by rows of hills make this place crowded with tourists, especially to take pictures.

Expanse ofTeletubbies hill  or  savanna hills of Mount Bromo as like carpet cleaner in place the cool green hills between the eyes amazed at its beauty.

Agro Tourism Strawberry Gardens Mount Bromo 

Not only the natural scenery of Mount Bromo, you can enjoy the fresh strawberries are picked from the tree, people believe if strawberry that grows on Mount Bromo has its own characteristics, taste sweet and rosy color is characteristic of the fruit.

Not only the nature and culture of agro tourism also visited by many tourists because many of them have never felt the sensation of picking fruit directly then they enjoy, truly an amazing experience.

Cultural Tourism In Mount Bromo, Probolinggo / Pasuruan 

Tengger people who live in Mount Bromo has a cultural tourism which is conducted every year once become regular events and visited by many tourists. On day 14, the Hindu festival Yadnya Kasada people often bring offerings of livestock, fruits, vegetables and others were taken to the top of Mount Bromo as a sign of gratitude to God Almighty.

The origin of this ritual comes from the legend of the era of the 15th where someone princess named Roro Anteng and her husband, Joko Seger. The pair did not have children prefix and hence this couple for help on some of the mountain god.

Some mountain gods and gave them 24 children however, given the fact the 25 children, most recently named Jaya Kusuma, as well as in the partner agreements with several gods, the couple had to throw her to 25 to the volcano as well as victims.

Hindu Festival Yadnya Kasada Mount Bromo Indonesia

Then the desire of the gods of Mount also done. After Jaya Kusuma plunged into the crater, he asked the people Tengger that plunged into the crater field produce each dated 14 bln. kasadha, The habit of throwing the field into the volcano to appease some of the ancient gods were then continues up to the present as well as the meaning of Yadnya Kasada ceremony.

Despite the risks, some people take chances ride down into the crater of the mountain, in an attempt to bring the goods sacrificed it is believed to bring good luck to them.

In the desert there is a Hindu temple is the name of His Majesty Poten temple. The temple holds a major significance for the Tengger people who spread in the mountain villages, such as Argosari, Ngadisari, Ngadas, Wonokitri, Ranu Prani, Ledok Ombo and Wonokerso.

This temple so the place is foremost in the annual Kasada Yadnya ceremony and tour of Mount Bromo which runs more or less the period of one month. On the 14th day, usually Tengger people will gather at the temple to ask His Majesty Poten blessing of Ida Hyang Widi Wasa and the ruler Mahameru (Mt. Kilimanjaro).

Then different types of results over the edge of the crater of Mount Bromo so the offerings that will be thrown into the crater. The inequalities that stand in the temple at this Bromo and temples in Bali which type of stone materials and building materials.

Noble Poten temple in Mount Bromo wearing black rock that comes naturally from volcanoes nearby, just a few big temples in Bali made of red brick material. In this temple, there are many buildings and enclosures in the composition according mandala zone.

Mount Bromo is still a lot of travel that comes with the changing nature with the stunning beauty we must preserve nature for our children.

How to Visit Mount Bromo in Probolinggo, East Java, Indonesia ?

How to Travel Bromo from Jakarta / Bandung of Surabaya- with this post we will cover how to go to visit mount Bromo from Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Malang, or from abroad, etc., a few tips for those of you who want to travel to East Java (Mount Bromo) for easy and no confusion on when traveling / vacation to Bromo. If you are from Yogyakarara, Jakarta, Bandung, Sumatra, and overseas or wherever you are it is wonderful you read the tips of our following further review we summarize, we recommend to you / to use Rail transport such as Argo Willis, Sancaka Morning, Mutiara Selatan and many others to get to train station (Gubeng) in Surabaya Nor stations in Malang, Using the train will save you time and money in traveling, if you are from jakarta bandung etc., as well as also from outside Java, for save costs for Tourism Mount Bromo, you can use the Airline of the airport where the town you come to the airport juanda Surabaya / service or Abdurrahman Saleh in Malang Airport, And here we offer tour packages bromo which will facilitate you to the sights in bromo, after you arrive Surabaya / Malang please read the tips come travel packages to Mount bromo click here

Visit Mount Bromo Sunrise East Java With Pacakge Tour

Day 1 : Pick Up From Surabaya / Malang – Mount Bromo Hotel 

  • Participants are picked up at the Station / Airport, then the tour begins with Visiting Coban Rondo waterfall, then continues, having lunch, and then proceeding to Batu Secret Zoo / Jatim Park 2, towards Tosari or Cemoro Lawang Check In at Bromo Homestay, dinner.

Day 2 : Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour Package – Transfer out to Surabaya / Malang

  • At 3:00 a.m. the participants were invited to get ready to head to Bromo via Pananjakan / Kingkong Hill, to witness the beauty of the Bromo Tengger Semeru sunrise, then to Teletubies Hill, wispering sands, and Bromo Crater, then return to Tosari or Cemoro Lawang, breakfast, then, participants were invited to return to Malang / Surabaya, then lunch and droping to the airport / station

1. Executive AC Fleet
2. Lodging for 1 Night at Kayo Homestay Tosari Bromo or Cemoro Lawang
3. Entrance Tickets for Attractions
4. Eat according to the tour program
5. Jeep at Bromo (Tosari-Pananjakan-Lautan Sand-Hill Teletubies-Whispering Sand-Tosari)
6. Tour Leader
7. Mineral water
8. Snack


2 Pax IDR. 1,845,000 / Pax
3 Pax price of IDR. 1,445,000 / Pax
4 Pax price of IDR. 1,245,000 / Pax
5 Pax IDR. 1,145,000 / Pax
6 Pax price of IDR. 1,100,000 / Pax
7-8 Pax price of IDR. 1,075,000 / Pax
9-10 Pax IDR. 995,000 / Pax

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