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The Most Interesting Tourist Attractions In Surabaya During Transit – Besides being known as the cleanest city in the country, Surabaya has 7 interesting places that must be visited. Check the list!

The Most Interesting Tourist Attractions In Surabaya During Transit

Surabaya Mount Bromo Tour – Armed with the title of the Cleanest City in Indonesia which was achieved for 7 consecutive years, the City of Heroes often makes tourists amazed by its beautiful and orderly atmosphere. Have you never been to Surabaya and plan to visit it? 7 places below must be included in your itinerary.

1. Kenjeran
In the past, Kenjeran was always crowded with visitors because there was Kenjeran Beach which was the only natural tourism destination in Surabaya. As time goes by, this region is not only famous for its beaches. Kenjeran has never stopped improving and offering many new things for visitors, starting from developing Sentra Ikan Bulak, a Surabaya fishing village that allows you to shop and eat a variety of fresh seafood. In addition, the local government built the Kenjeran Bridge which is curved like a bow and equipped with Menari Waterfall, which is a fountain show with colorful lighting accompanied by a typical Surabaya song.

Kenjeran Park is equipped with a park, futsal court, racing arena, swimming pool, playground, and several religious buildings such as the Sanggar Agung Temple and the Ti Piang Pagoda which are one-stop entertainment areas that are right to visit while on vacation. Later a water park named Atlantis Land which is located in the Kenjeran Park area will also operate and is certain to make this area even more lively.

2. House of Sampoerna

Surabaya tourism house sampoerna
This is the most popular museum in Surabaya which is always crowded with tourists. In this classic Dutch heritage building consisting of two floors, you not only get information about the history of the Sampoerna dynasty and its cigarette business, but also can witness first hand the process of creating a cigarette that still uses traditional methods and is formed directly by hand. According to news circulating, a worker there was able to roll over 325 cigarettes in one hour!

In addition to the museum, House of Sampoerna has an art gallery, souvenir shop and art deco-style cafe. This interesting place does not charge entry fees and is opened every day with operating hours from 9am to 10pm. If you visit the House of Sampoerna, follow the Surabaya Heritage Track program that allows you to go around several historic locations in Surabaya using a red bus and get information related to that place from the guide who will explain it in Indonesian and English.

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3. Tunjungan Plaza

tunjungan plaza
As the oldest and largest shopping center, Tunjungan Plaza is one of the places in Surabaya that is never empty of visitors. Starting from the construction of Tunjungan Plaza 1 in 1986, the mall continues to expand the area and is scheduled to open Tunjungan Plaza VI in 2017. Aside from being an entertainment and shopping center, the area is also equipped with offices (Pakuwon Center), hotels (Sheraton Hotel and Tower and Four Points), and the 52-storey The Peak Residence luxury apartment. Opened at 10 am, Tunjungan Plaza operates 12 hours a day. Want to see Arek-arek hits Suroboyo? Immediately visit Tunjungan Plaza. This is their “home”.

4. Grand Pakuwon Food Junction

Food Juntion surabaya
Although it only started operating earlier this year, Grand Pakuwon Food Junction managed to steal the attention of the Surabaya community and become a must-visit destination for tourists. In this 6-hectare area there are two dining areas to choose from, indoor or outdoor, and hundreds of culinary tenants who are ready to pamper the tongue with a variety of menu choices. You can also relax on the edge of a beautiful artificial lake or spend time in the play area that presents a variety of exciting games such as the Ferris wheel, boom-boom car, and bungee jumping.

The Grand Pakuwon Food Junction operates every day from 11 noon to 10 p.m. According to the manager, the best time to visit is the afternoon, which is at 5:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. In that period, the sun began to set and the beautiful lights surrounding the Grand Pakuwon Food Junction began to light up.

5. Ecotourism Mangrove Wonorejo

surabaya tourism

Where there are mangroves, there is a crowd. Wherever the place is, each tourist area of ​​mangroves must be flooded with visitors. The same thing happened in Surabaya, precisely in the Ecotourism area of ​​Mangrove Wonorejo.

This area is never quiet and is always crowded with tourists from various regions. Some came because they wanted to see the scenery, there were also those who intentionally came to experience the boat ride then noticed the mangrove forest which was still inhabited by monkeys and white storks. Not a few also came here specifically for photographs and then uploaded to social media. As the name implies, Ecotourism Mangrove Wonorejo does not only function as a tourist spot but also aims to inform the public of the importance of awareness in maintaining the balance of natural ecosystems. Want to take a walk while preserving nature? Here it is.

6. Surabaya North Quay

If Singapore has Clarke Quay, Surabaya does not want to miss and open Surabaya North Quay. This place is located on the second and third floors of Gapura Surya Nusantara at the Port of Tanjung Perak which is listed as the most luxurious terminal of the marine vessels in Indonesia. Most tourists who come to visit are usually amazed at the beauty of the interior and terminal atmosphere of the international airport.

Besides being able to enjoy the beautiful ocean views, Surabaya North Quay is also equipped with exhibition space, live music, and the culinary market. If you visit here, make sure you take part in the Sailing Fun Trip, a one-hour trip by boarding the Artama III Ship, a luxury tourist ship with top-notch facilities. Every day (except Mondays) Surabaya North Quay is open to the public from 9am to 9pm. To enter this area you only need to pay a ticket at the port gate for IDR 5,000 for a motorbike and IDR 7,500 for a car. As for the Sailing Fun Trip attractions, per person must pay Rp. 75,000

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