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green bay beaches

Explore The Beautiful Natural Green Bay Beaches In Banyuwangi – Green Bay inBanyuwangi has enchanting charm and beauty that is different from the beauty of the beach in general that are in banyuwangi namely such as sukamade beach, red island beaches and curved beach, as the name of this green bay beach if we look from a distance blue but in the green bay you will see the beach with the green color, it is very charming the green color because the shallow waters are planted algae that grow perfectly by reflecting greenish rays on the surface of the sea.

This Green Bay Beaches has its own beauty when compared to other beaches in East Java. Here we will find soft white sand as well as waterfalls as high as 8 meters and beautiful coral view. A clean white beach as if pampering every eye looked. as with most bays, the waves of green bay banyuwangi are not great and are perfect for just playing water and enjoying the creation of God Almighty.
Waterfall as high as 8 meters is used by visitors to just rinse the body after bemain sea water beach of banyuwangi green bay.

Explore The Beautiful Natural Green Bay Beaches In Banyuwangi

Most of the tourists who go to Meru Betiri National Park and sukamade Beach, before reaching the two tourist destinations are the tourists will stop for a moment on this Green Bay beach because the access road that one path to sukamade beach, sehinnga green bay only made a stopover for a moment by looking beauty from the top of the hill, but on the green bay beach will you find the real beauty.

green bay beaches

Access to Green Bay Beaches In Banyuwangi

To get to or to Green Bay Beaches In Banyuwangi there are several alternatives you can use. Below we will summarize in a short article to make it easier for traveler.

  1. From Banyuwangi City
    From the city of Banyuwangi heading south through Kabat, Rogojampi, Srono, Cluring, until arriving at the intersection of four Jajag Village, then turn left. Then the rider arrives at an intersection of four. The rider can take the left oblique direction through Sambirejo Village and Seneporejo Village then penetrate Kesilir market. Or take a straight course (passing Gambiran Village, Gambiran-Bangorejo Bridge, then turn left Pedotan passes through Gunungsari Farmer’s Monument and Monument P. Kusno, then deviate four and turn right until it reaches Pedotan intersection.After that the rider can choose to take the left Buk Putih until the deviated four Siliragung, or take the direction continues through the Village Sukorejo and Kesilir Village and arrived also deviated four Siliragung.From the intersection Siliragung rider can take the direction of the left oblique meewati Siliragung Camat office, Police Siliragung, then arrived at the intersection four and turn right past Kalibaru Bridge and Arrive at the four Sanggar Market, or take a straight course through the Bridge Siliragung-Sumbermulyo and Jalan Ahmad Kusnan and deviated four Market Studio. If the rider from the intersection of four Siliragung take a straight direction, the arrival at the Turtle can directly turn right without passing through Sanggar Market, through this path will meet at one point (Sumbermulyo Village Office) with the driver from the direction of Pasar Sanggar. From Sumbermulyo Village Office turn left towards Sumberagung Village. After that rider dipersimpangan Pancer, take the straight direction through the path of Mount Gamping and Sungailembu Plantation. From here the condition of the road is still good to arrive at the cattle ranch where before the rider turn left at the factory. From the tomb of the road straight until it comes across Kandangan. From there, the rider can take a left passage through the settlement of Kandangan Village residents and the Kandangan-Sarongan wooden bridge or take a straight course through Afdeling Sumberbopong Sungailembu and Sumberjambe Plantation. Both of these lines will lead to Terminal / Pasar Sarongan. From the rider market to the south past the Pentecostal Church, Sarongan Village Office, Dusun Besaran, Dusun Bayuran and Dusun Rajegwesi and arrive at checkpoints and tickets. From the rider’s post can take a left-handed direction (passing Rajegwesi Beach then turn right) or take the straight course (through Tsunami Housing) until it arrives in the parking lot of vehicles located in Teluk Damai area. From here the journey is continued by walking up the 1km long track on a small hill on arrival at Pantai Batu. From Batu Beach, only about 300 meters away. The total journey is about 91 km.
  2. From Jember City, take direction to Banyuwangi through Pakusari, Mayang and Silo Sub-districts until arrived at Mrawan (Gumitir) Line to Banyuwangi District. The journey continues through Kalibaru, Glenmore and Genteng Sub-districts until arriving at the Kulon Genteng Intersection. Turn right past Sun East Mall, Yosomulyo Village and arrive at the intersection of Jajag Village then turn right. From here the trip is the same as from the direction of Banyuwangi City. The total journey is about 106 km.

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that’s a little explanation of the tourist attractions in banyuwangi, if you are interested to visit Green Bay Beach, you can choose a tour package to facilitate you during the tour

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