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East Java Tour Package 5 Days 4 Nights

mount bromo no tour – Mount Bromo sits in the center of a plain called the “Sea of Sand” (Javanese: Segara Wedi or Indonesian: Lautan Pasir), a protected nature reserve in the past 1919. The typical pretension to visit Mount Bromo is from the clear mountain village of Cemoro Lawang. From there it is possible […]

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mount bromo fun facts – Gunung / Mount Bromo, is an responsive volcano and portion of the Tengger massif, in East Java, Indonesia. At 2,329 meters (7,641 ft) it is not the highest peak of the massif, but is the most without difficulty known. The massif place is one of the most visited tourist attractions […]

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East Java Tour Package 5 Days 4 Nights

mount bromo blogspot – Located some 4 hours drive from Surabaya, the capital of East Java. Mount Bromo is a share of the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park that covers a omnipresent place of 800 square km. While it may be little later measured adjoining extra volcanoes in Indonesia. The magnificent Mount Bromo will not […]