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Travel From Mount Bromo To Bali – Mount Bromo, Ijen Crater and Bali. These three exotic places are like having a strong aura as if to seduce anyone to visit them. You are tempted to come to all three, but time and budget are very limited. But nothing is impossible for a genuine traveler.

This time Pegipegi will share tips to realize your dream tour, travelers

Travel Tips From Mount Bromo To Bali 

travel from bromo to bali

Mount Bromo, Ijen Crater and Bali. These three exotic places are like having a strong aura as if to seduce anyone to visit them. You are tempted to come to all three, but time and budget are very limited. But nothing is impossible for a genuine traveler.

This time Pegipegi will share tips to realize your dream tour, travelers.

1. Watch Sunrise at mount Bromo

If you are from outside East Java, first select the bus bound for Surabaya. In Surabaya, the bus will usually stop at Bungurasih Terminal and from here you can take the Surabaya-Probolinggo bus which costs around Rp. 23,500. Try not to arrive too late in Probolinggo because public transportation will be more difficult to find. From Probolinggo you can take public transportation to Cemoro Lawang at a rate of around Rp. 25 thousand. The trouble is, Elf type public transport usually taps first and departs when the car is full of passengers, travelers. You can rent a car if you don’t want to wait long, but the rates are very expensive. Around Rp. 200,000 one way. Or try to get acquainted with groups or backpackers like you who also want to go to Bromo (usually they roam around Terminal Probolinggo). Invite them to bid on the price of public transport to Cemoro Lawang so you can save a little

The distance from Probolinggo to Cemoro Lawang is around 1.5 hours. While the distance of Cemoro Lawang-Kawah Bromo is around 1.5 hours. So when you arrive at Cemoro Lawang, chances are you still have to wait several hours before sunrise. Thick jackets are clothes that you must carry because the cold will bite even more in the middle of the night. Don’t forget to bring enough supplies because eating in a stall can drain your wallet before your tour ends

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Route To Mount Bromo – Kawah Ijen Bondowoso East Java

2. Wach the Blue Flame of Kawah Ijen 

You have passed Mount Bromo and now you are getting ready for the next destination, namely Mount Ijen. From Mount Bromo you can take public transportation to return to Probolinggo Terminal. If you are out of luck because you can get public transportation that is still empty and has to wait for other prospective passengers, it doesn’t matter. Take advantage of the time to sleep because the terrain of Mount Ijen is heavier than Mount Bromo. Arriving at Terminal Probolinggo, look for the bus bound for Bondowoso because from there you can reach Mount Ijen. Only economy class buses are available for the Probolinggo-Bondowoso line and even then it is rather long, travelers. Alternatively, you can take a bus majoring in Probolinggo-Situbondo and then take another bus via the Situbondo-Bondowoso line. The normal distance of Probolinggo-Bondowoso is around 4 hours at a rate of Rp. 12 thousand.

Arriving at Bondowoso Terminal you can continue the adventure of climbing Mount Ijen by taking the Elf public transportation to Sempol District at a rate of Rp. 15 thousand and takes three hours. From Sempol you rent an ojek to get to the Paltuding post with a rather expensive fee, which is around Rp. 40 thousand. Paltuding Post is the entrance for tourists who want to visit the Crater / Mount Ijen, and you have to walk for 1.5-2 hours before you can enjoy the beauty of the blue fire at the bottom of the Ijen crater. Pegipegi recommends that you equip yourself with a mask, wet towel and glasses because the crater smoke is very painful in the eyes. The blue fire of Ijen Crater will look beautiful around 2:00 to 4:00 in the morning and the path to get there is quite dangerous, travelers. It’s good if you get acquainted with local residents and ask if there are residents who want to take you away to see the blue fire. Your socializing skills can be very useful because if local people like your attitude, it’s not impossible that they will think twice about attracting expensive rates from you.

How to Get Mount Bromo Ijen Crater Bali Island ?

3. Bask on the Beach of the Island of the Gods

Denpasar Renon Field
After pampering the eyes with panoramic views of the mountains while shivering with cold, now is the time for you to warm your body by sunbathing on the beach. Bali will be the end of your adventure this time, and how to go to the Island of the Gods from Mount Ijen is quite easy. You can go back to Jember or take the mini Damri bus to Banyuwangi-Bondowoso which passes around the road to Gunung Ijen, then from Banyuwangi you can take a bus on the Denpasar Bali route. Damri Banyuwangi-Bondowoso Bus was just launched in March 2014 and is currently in the testing phase. The possibility of this line bus has not been routinely operating and only operates in the holiday season, travelers. It’s safer for you to go back to Jember and from there you can directly take the AC bus for the Ordinary Tariff (ATB) which departs for Denpasar around 3:30 p.m. Or you can also take the Gunung Harta economy bus in the direction of Jember-Denpasar at a rate of around Rp. 60 thousand.

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Now when you set foot in Ubung Terminal, Denpasar, you just have to choose the bus that suits your chosen destination. If you want to go to Kuta, you can just take an ojek with a fare of around Rp. 25 thousand. There are also buses for Tabanan, Batubulan and Singaraja lines. Don’t forget to check your wallet frequently so you can know which spot you can go to when you arrive in Bali. To be safe, just choose a place near Denpasar, travelers. Although Denpasar is too crowded for tourists who don’t like crowds, some places like Bali Museum, Puputan Park, Sindu Beach, Kumbasari Market, Renon Field or Kertalangu Cultural Village are quite interesting to visit.

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