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Package Tours: Mount Semeru Trekking The Highest Peak In Java

travel bromo cheap from jakarta, singapore or malaysia – Tour packages to mount Bromo
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Travel Agency Mount Bromo Cheap From Jakarta, Singapore, Malaysia

travel bromo cheap from jakarta

Mount bromo tour, The eerie landscape has spurned countless legends and myths.

Mt Bromo has particular significance for the Tengger people who give a positive response that this was the site where a fearless prince sacrificed his life for his family.

The people here appease the Gods taking into account a year during the annual Kasada festival where offerings of vegetables, chickens and money are thrown into the crater of the volcano.

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Tengger tribe on mount bromo, probolinggo, east java

But it is not complete when discussing Mount Bromo without knowing the native people who live around it, the Tengger Tribe. In contrast to the population in East Java mostly, the Tengger Tribe has unique and contrasting beliefs, languages, and cultures. The tradition that developed in the Tengger Tribe is closely related to Mount Bromo. You could say, between Mount Bromo and the Tengger Tribe has a mystical bond that supports each other.

Origins To Legend Roro Anteng and Joko Seger

There are several views that explain the origin of the name “Tengger”. The first opinion said that the term “Tengger” means mountains which incidentally became their place of residence. The next view states that the term “Tengger” comes from the sentence Tenggering Budi Luhur which means noble character, describes the character of the Tengger Tribe that should be. Until the last view says that the name “Tengger” is a compound word from the names Roro Anteng and Joko Seger, the ancestral name of the Tengger Tribe.

In his book entitled Hindu Javanese: Tengger Tradition and Islam, Robert W. Hefner explained that the people of the Tengger Tribe were descended from the refugees of the Majapahit Kingdom. In the 16th century, the weakened Majapahit Kingdom suffered attacks from the Islamic empire led by Raden Patah. Save themselves from the invasion, some of the Majapahit people fled to the island of Bali. Others chose to occupy a mountainous region in East Java, isolating themselves from outside influences. These people will later be called the Tengger Tribe.

In the Tengger tribe itself, a legend has developed that tells about the history of their ancestors. Roro Anteng, the daughter of the Majapahit Kingdom, and Joko Seger, the son of a brahmana, were mentioned. Roro Anteng and Joko Seger later married and they also became refugees in the Tengger Mountains. It was there that they later became leaders with the title Purbawisesa Mangkurat Ing Tengger. These descendants of Roro Anteng and Joko Seger will later become the Tengger Tribe in East Java.

The couple were childless and consequently beseeched the guidance of the mountain gods. The gods decided them 24 children but stipulated that the 25th child, named Kesuma, must be thrown into the volcano as a human sacrifice.

How to Get Climbing Mount Bromo Volcano East Java ?

The journey tour Mount Bromo through the west entrance from the direction of Pasuruan Regency, which is entering from the village of Tosari to be able to go to the center of the tourist attraction (sea of ​​sand) is quite heavy because the terrain must be passed by ordinary 4-wheeled vehicles. This is because the road decreases from climbing to the sea of ​​sand is very steep and dangerous, except using a jeep.

This jeep car is provided by the tourist manager of Mount Bromo. However, there are also many tourists who prefer to walk to get to tourist sites. But if we can go through the north door from the direction before entering Probolinggo district, which is in the Tongas area, we will go to Cemoro Lawang village before going down to the sea of ​​sand. This route is not too difficult because the road is not as dark as passing the Pasuruan route. So that a motorcycle can get through it. But if you want to take a lot of photos from the summit, then it’s best to use the west route. But if you want to adventure, then you should look for a route that is rarely passed by tourists. But with adequate preparation and equipment, of course, so as not to get lost.

Vacationing to Mount Bromo can be said to be very practical if you really like travelers and through the northern route. You can make a visit within 12 hours. Of course if you start from the city of Surabaya, Malang, Jember and surrounding areas.

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