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The Cheap Prices Rental Cars & Buses In Ijen Crater 2019 – We are a company engaged in the field of vehicle rental / car rental services in Probolinggo to meet the services most sought after in the Ijen crater district. Banyuwangi is like a car rental. As the development of tourism in Banyuwangi, we strive to always complement the needs of tourism transportation facilities in Banyuwangi. The vehicles we provide for car rental in Banyuwangi vary greatly. Starting from a family car with a capacity of 6 people, minibus from 14 to 20 people, to buses with a capacity of 30-50 people.

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Car rental Ijen crater in Banyuwangi that we provide is also very affordable. But even though the prices are cheap and affordable, the rental fleet of cars and motorbike rental in Banyuwangi that we rent is very well maintained and comfortable. Because we routinely take care and control the condition of the vehicles that we rent, so that our customers are always comfortable and safe driving using the rental vehicle units that we provide in Banyuwangi.


uses the latest fleet which is very well maintained and friendly and professional drivers in terms of service to guests, because our drivers have been specially trained to meet your needs. We always prepare administrative requirements to meet the needs of our office. With a variety of fleets that we provide, we hope to meet all your transportation needs so that driving comfort remains a top priority. We provide a small, medium to large capacity fleet for your needs while in Banyuwangi.

For further information about BANYUWANGI CAR RENTAL, please contact our Customer Service directly. Orders in any form are expected to contact Customer Service directly for service quality control.

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Ijen Crater The Main Tourist Destination in East Java

Banyuwangi tourist destinations that are most in demand by domestic and foreign tourists are Ijen Crater or Ijen Crater. This nature tourism presents a very charming natural scenery and needs to be taken with a pretty heavy climb. The height of Mount Ijen 2368 mdpal will give you a broad view of the earth and the sea in Banyuwangi Regency. In fact, you can see the beauty of the sunrise or sunrise freely.

Some of the spots that you can find on Mount Ijen are the sunrise of java, the Ijen Crater, and Blue Fire (blue fire). In addition you will also see the activity of sulfur miners who go up and down the mountain to carry sulfur by carrying / carrying and pushed with a cart. Some tourists think this is “crazy work”.

To start your tour to Ijen Crater, it is easiest for you to come to the city of Banyuwangi first. You can use public bus, train, airplane, or inter-city travel. Arriving in Banyuwangi, you must go to Pos Paltuding (parking slope of Mount Ijen) with about 1 hour from Banyuwangi City. From Paltuding Post here, you can immediately start climbing to the top of Mount Ijen.

Rent a car to the Ijen Crater Bondowoso

If you need a fleet or car for the route to Pos Paltuding from Banyuwangi City, we are ready to provide car or charter car rental services or private car rental to Ijen Crater along with drivers. Why does it have to include a driver? Because the road to the Paltuding Post is very difficult, it must be experienced drivers who take you to safety together.

We are ready to pick you up at the inn or hotel where you stop by. Then we transfer to Paltuding Post and start at any time. But generally to tourists who want to go to Ijen Crater leave at 00:00 WIB (midnight) in order to enjoy the beauty of Blue Fire at around 3:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. WIB We can also help prepare a guide team during the trekking trip.

NEED a Travel Agent for car rental ijen crater of Banyuwangi ?

travel agent bromo wonderfuleastjavawe have been serving many customers from many countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hongkong, Japan, France, Netherland, England, Thailand, Chinese and australia even though they are traveling in Ijen like safe transportation.

Why choose us?

Why choose WONDERFULEASTJAVA – Ijen crater Tour rental ?

Beside specially for Mount Bromo Tour we then offers organizing your tour packages for tour and travel destinations within Indonesia such as visiting to:

  • Jakarta Tour
  • Bandung Tour
  • Yogyakarta Tour
  • Borobudur Tour
  • Bali Tour
  • Lombok Island Tour
  • And Plantation Tour, Temple Tour, Beach Tour, Agro Tourism and any other tourist destination.

Suported by getting hotel accomodations (room reservation), by providing the confortable and safety transport, experience staff and by getting tourism object informations.

We are as well as licensed by doling out culture and tourism as tour & travel organizer (agency and operator)

The aspiration of our online facilities is to concentrate on good air gone competitive prices for Bromo Tour Packages and pre-arranged tour packages throughout Bromo tour package and extra Tourism intention such us Ijen Crater Tour, Surabaya Tour, Banyuwangi Tour, Malang Tour etc.

We are proud when you are satisfied and giving good impression for our company.

You will grow close to him throughout the day, as he shares with you his insights the places you visit as well as day to day life in bromo ijen.


If you want to visit Ijen Crater Tourism, pay attention to the price of the following admission ticket so that you can make travel preparations that are truly in accordance with the budget.

Domestic tourists: IDR 5,000 for weekdays and IDR 7,500 for weekends
Foreign Tourists: IDR 100,000 for weekdays and IDR 150,000 for weekends
If tourists bring a camera or want to hold a commercial shooting event, a fee of IDR 10,000,000 will be charged


To go to Ijen Crater, the trip can be done from the City of Banyuwangi by going to the Paltuding area. There will be counters open at 1:00 in the morning. Climbing is done from Paltuding starting early in the morning after buying a ticket until 12:00 noon the afternoon.

The climbing route from Paltuding is very easy to see, because it only consists of 1 hiking trail. From Paltuding to Ijen Crater, it takes at least 3 hours of climbing time (depending on the stamina of each body). If you want to see blue fire, of course you have to arrive at Ijen Crater before 04.00 and that means the climb must be done quickly enough.

The path to get to the Ijen Crater is quite tiring, because all paths are uphill and there is almost no derivative path at all. Of course, for tourists who are not accustomed to climbing the mountain, a very extra adaptation is needed. Therefore, before heading to Ijen it is better to do physical exercise in advance to prepare the body for easy climbing.


Tourists who come to the Ijen Crater certainly aims to enjoy the natural beauty that is there. Ijen Crater which is also one of the Tourist Attractions in East Java is included in the tourist attraction with fairly complete facilities. Here are some of the facilities and activities that can be done at this attraction, including:

  • WARUNG – Around the counter inside Ijen Crater there are plenty of food stalls and also eating places that can be visited for just breakfast to fill up before climbing. The food served is quite complete and can warm the body.
  • TOILETS – Still around the entrance window, there is a public toilet that can be used for urination and defecation.
  • PARKING LOCATION – There are parking locations for both 2-wheeled and 4-wheeled vehicles which are quite large and can accommodate tourist vehicles.
  • MASK RENTAL – Because the Ijen Crater is still active, tourists are advised to rent a special mask to avoid the dangerous smell of sulfur
  • WIDE HIKING TRAIL  – Unlike other mountains that have narrow hiking trails, Ijen Crater can be climbed with a wide and spacious hiking trail so it is relatively harmless. But it still needs to be careful to survive until the destination.
  • LOCAL TAXIS – If tourists are unable to climb, because the track is very steep, tourists can take a local “taxi,” a cart that can be climbed and pushed or pulled by local residents to help get to the top.
  • SULFURS MINERS  – Ijen Crater is a livelihood for some local residents in the vicinity to mine sulfur. Tourists who come can see these activities in the morning.
  • VIEW POINT THE SUNRISE – Around Ijen Crater there is a spot to see the best sunrise or sunrise.
  • BLUE FIRE OF THE CRATER – Blue fire can be witnessed if your climbing trip is fast, because blue fire will disappear if the dawn has dawned.
  • SOUVENIRS – Souvenirs or souvenirs from Ijen Crater that are widely sold are carvings from local sulfur

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Address : JL. Raya Bromo No. 53 Triwunglor, Probolinggo, East Java, Indonesia
Phone : +62 335 434 183
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