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mount bromo without tour & check the tips here – Are there any of you who are planning to vacation in Bromo in the near future? Maybe some of these tricks and tips can be your reference before deciding to enjoy Bromo differently.

You can find the Bromo ijen tour package very easily on the internet or social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, just by searching for the keyword Bromo tour package, Bromo tour, Bromo holiday starting Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and Malang. but this time we will provide some tips for you to be comfortable while backpacking to the following Mount Bromo that people often ask before going to Mount Bromo

mount bromo without tour question

Hi, i want to ask, if i want to go to Bromo without a travel agent , how about for lodging in Malang? hehe thanks 🙂

mount bromo without tour

Mount Bromo Tour Answer

  1. Many lodging in Malang, ranging from decent but affordable ones such as guest houses or starred hotels scattered throughout the city, depending on taste and budget. Be diligent in browsing the internet to get the info you need.And if you want to go to Bromo without a travel agent, you must have your own vehicle. But when they arrived at Bromo, our car could only arrive at a certain point and then proceed to rent a Jeep-type vehicle that is managed by local residents so that visitors can explore the remote areas around Bromo. Because some places cannot be traversed by ordinary four-wheeled vehicles, because the terrain is very unique. My advice, the guest house or hotel where you stay must have information about the tour package to Bromo because it will be more comfortable; you will be picked up from the hotel, invited to tour Bromo until finished, then transfer back to where you stayed. One price for a complete tour package.
  2. Sorry I don’t speak Indonesian very well. I arranged my own travel to Bromo and booked accommodation at Yog Homestay. They are on the internet. Mt Bromo is a wondeful place.
  3. My time and family vacation to Malang also doesn’t use travel agents. Many hotels in Malang can be booked far away, or can also “Go Show”. but how come Go Show is as easy as it is. keep on going to the bromo, usually in every hotel in Malang to provide a bromo tour package too. I’ve been offered this time. But since we take the car by ourselves, we go up to the road and use the car itself. after entering the Mount Bromo area we parked and replaced the jeep. there is a party that rents. don’t be afraid not to miss out. can be in a special book for a family or can also join with friends who are also looking together. At that time, there were 8 people in the army (including krucil2 aged 3 years & 7.5 years) so fit in one car.
  4. lodging behind poor matos, 100 thousand per day for max 3 roommates
  5. If you go to Malang, you can do it yourself, but if you go to Bromo, I recommend using travel because they are experienced … the road to Bromo, which is steep left and right, and must use vehicles 4 wheels

Tips for visit mount Bromo without Tour:

– Prepare warm clothes as comfortable as possible, because the best time to visit Bromo is at 5 a.m. before the sun rises when the air is very cold but the scenery is amazingly beautiful!

– If you are allergic to cold air, bring your personal medicines so that your trip becomes more comfortable.

– Happy tour!

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How to Get Bromo Mountain ?

The secret, a vacation to Bromo without using a travel agent turned out to be very possible to do. In fact, the cost can be cheaper than using the services of a travel agent, but here you are required to be more nimble and be able to prepare a travel itinerary as well as possible.

Try to choose the route to Bromo through the City of Probolinggo because access to the Bromo area is fairly easy from this city. Usually, in the Banyuangga Probolinggo terminal there is a public transport type of Elf that can take tourists directly to Cemoro Lawang, Ngadisari or a village near Mount Bromo. But, don’t get above 5pm.

After arriving in the Cemoro Lawang or Ngadisari area, you can find cheap lodging, or stay in people’s homes with a budget of around Rp. 100 thousand per person. If you are lucky, you can get it free.

Explore Bromo is incomplete if you don’t enjoy the sunrise, one of the easy ways without having to rent a Jeep is by walking from behind the entrance window to the back of the Lava View inn, there is a route to the sunrise park mentigen area.

Furthermore, to go down to the Bruhur Poten Bromo Temple area can be reached on foot. Bule-Caucasians usually walk a lot. But, you can also rent an ojek or Jeep in the Cemoro Lawang area. The price is relative, depending on how you just negotiate.

Oh yeah, how to get to Probolinggo City. From the west (Surabaya, Malang) you can use the bus with the Jember route, or go straight up Patas to Probolinggo for about two hours. The ticket price is between Rp. 15 thousand – Rp. 20 thousand for economy class.

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travel agent bromo wonderfuleastjavawe have been serving many customers from many countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hongkong, Japan, France, Netherland, England, Thailand, Chinese and australia while they are traveling in Bromo Ijen in the same way as safe transportation.

I am satisfying to proceed you the beautiful ofMount Bromo Ijen.

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Bromo Tour Package from Jakarta makes it easy for you to travel to Mount Bromo, participants can use the train or airplane transportation modes from Jakarta to go to Malang City. We provide the best tourist travel services to take you to the beauty of the sunrise of Mount Bromo, the sea of ​​sand, the crater of Bromo, Candi Ponten Bromo, whispering sand and Teletabis hill at affordable prices and comfortable facilities.

Benefits of Joining the Bromo Tour Package from Jakarta With Tour Agency

  • Help find train tickets at the lowest prices
  • Suitable for Company Gathering in large numbers
  • Without the need to be complicated from Malang station, it is immediately picked up by a friendly crew
  • Head to the transit using a comfortable MPV car
  • Via Malang path as in the 5cm movie with a beautiful view of the trip
  • Comfortable homestay transit and clean toilets
  • Dropped at the airport or Malang station at no extra cost
  • Safe and always leave every day

Rundown Bromo Tourism Package From Jakarta With Travel Agency

Penanjakan Sunrise – Bukit Cinta – Lautan Pasir – Bromo Crater – Teletabis Hill

  • 12:30 Participants are picked up in Malang City (Hotels, Stations, Airports)
  • 1:30 Participants Heading to Bromo
  • 04:00 Arrive at Penanjakan 1 see the beauty of the sunrise
  • 6:00 Explore Bromo (Sand, Whispering, Bromo Crater, Pura Ponten, & Teletabis Hill)
  • 6:30 Arrive at the Bromo Sand Sea
  • 7:30 to Bromo Crater and Ponten Temple
  • 9:00 am Head for Telatbis Hill
  • 12:00 Journey Finished Return to Surabaya
  • 14:00 Arrive in Malang End Point City Abd Saleh Airport or Malang Train Station

Tour Package Mount Bromo With Travel Agent

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Well, that’s above the explanation about mount bromo without tour, Hopefully it is useful. Thanks.

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