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Mount bromo trekking – I have almost forgotten how to start this tiring trekking trip to Bromo. Because it happened more than 1 year ago. But I will try to present it as interesting as possible, continuing from the previous story. Besides that, it’s also a shame if you lose swallowed by limited human memory. So better trekking to Bromo this time is documented right?

One thing that stuck in my mind was at that time, the weather was bad, the rain accompanied me almost all the way to the first checkpoint for overnight, namely Ngadas Village. You could say that our condition was already quite tired because it was wrong to estimate the condition of the path to the waterfall Cuban rainbow starting point. The path is draining, even though I actually recommend this waterfall to visit.

Mount Bromo Trekking From Malang

mount bromo trekking

A little story about Cuban Pelangi which we made as the starting point for trekking to Bromo. Cuban pelangi is a waterfall located on the path to Mount Bromo and Mount Semeru. That’s why it’s a shame if you just skip it. The concept is playing water first, before playing in the sea of Bromo sand.

It’s easy to find a location to this waterfall if you ride the Hard Top from Tumpang. Can tell the driver to get off in front of the entrance to the Cuban Pelangi waterfall. Just don’t be surprised if it turns out the location of the waterfall is still quite far from the entrance. However, the road to the waterfall is quite easy, because we live down the path that is about 1 km away.

What’s challenging is the return path. I had to go up, and it was quite exhausting, especially when it rained heavily when we returned from the waterfall, so it must be extra careful because the path will become slippery.

Visit Coban Pelangi Malang To Mount Bromo Trekking Volcano

As the name implies, in the waterfall of Cuban Pelangi you can actually see rainbows near the waterfall. But that can only happen if the weather is sunny and with a little luck. If you are not as lucky as us at that time, you will only get heavy rain.

Yes, never mind, the final destination is Mount Bromo and enjoy trekking. The time was getting late and the rain continued to fall as if there was no sign of stopping. Because we had to arrive in Ngadas before night, we finally continued trekking along the road to Ngadas village as the first check point.
Spatter accompanied us along our journey down the road to Mount Bromo, not showing a stop at all but instead becoming more. Even the rain fell with increasingly heavy. Even though we have prepared ourselves with a raincoat and we have used it, still some bodies are still wet.

Even at that time the rain was getting heavier and made some of the roads we passed turned into water streams. Even so, the road to Mount Bromo via Ngadas Village is already asphalt and quite good. Even cars can pass, because in addition to the path to Mount Bromo, this route is also the main route to get to the starting point of the climb to Mount Semeru, Ranu Pane. Therefore, despite heavy rain, the road is still quite safe for trekking.

How to Get Mount Bromo Trekking ?

Bromo Tour Package From Malang is a travel package to the tourist attraction of Mount Bromo with departure from Malang or Batu City. Malang city is one of the closest access to Mount Bromo so that the city is chosen by many tourists to start a tour to Bromo.

Malang to Bromo is only 3 hours away. From outside the city to go to Malang, you can use the railroad land line to the old and new poor city stations or the Arjosari bus terminal, while those who choose a faster time can fly to the poor Abdul Rahman airport.

The choice of other tour packages to Bromo is 2 days 1 night. We provide this service for participants who will choose additional hotel accommodations or homestays near Bromo. Arriving in Malang, we immediately picked up at the station / airport / terminal to go to Bromo and overnight.

After a long journey from the city of origin to Malang, it is unfortunate if you only have to go to Bromo. Have a lot of vacation time more than 2 days 1 night to Bromo from Malang already able to visit some other interesting tourist destinations around Bromo and Batu City for example 1,2 and 3 jatimpark, museum transport, picking poor apples etc. Holiday combination to Bromo and Malang 3 days 2 nights, 4 days 3 nights, 5 days 4 nights you can see the itinerary below.

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Bromo Mountain is the best destination in East Java. It feels less complete if you go to Malang without visiting Mount Bromo Semeru Tengger. Although classified as an active volcano, this mountain is very suitable to be used as a tourist spot because the texture of this mountain is different from other mountains which do not require climbing and camping as when visiting Mount Semeru and Ranu Kumbolo Lake.

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