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mount bromo to mount ijenRoutes and Paths to the Location of the Ijen Crater from Malang Mount Bromo, Surabaya and Banyuwangi you can search on the Google map, but to help you facilitate the location of the following Mount Ijen crater, we will review the route and route to the location of Mount Ijen Banyuwangi.

Mount Ijen is the location of the largest sulfur miner in East Java located in Banyuwangi district. In addition to the current mining location the Gunung Ijen area is a favorite location and tourist spot in Banyuwangi because of its natural beauty offered. , Malang and Banyuwangi.

Surabaya Mount Bromo to Mount Ijen

entrance to Ijen Crater

Mount bromo tour, The eerie landscape has spurned countless legends and myths.

Mt Bromo has particular significance for the Tengger people who take that this was the site where a fearless prince sacrificed his life for his family.

The people here appease the Gods later a year during the annual Kasada festival where offerings of vegetables, chickens and grant are thrown into the crater of the volcano.

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jen crater tourism is the only mountain tourism object in Banyuwangi that has a very rare natural beauty such as blue fire, natural phenomena like this in the world, there are only 2 of them in the Mount Ijen Nature tourism area Banyuwangi. If you intend to visit the Ijen Crater tourist site can go through the route to Ijen from Malang city, Surabaya city and Banyuwangi city.

The route and route to the ijen location from Malang and Surabaya can be traveled by road for 6-7 hours if the road is normal without any traffic jams, but if you go to the Ijen location from Banyuwangi you can take 1-2 hours of driving.

The route and route to the tourist location of Gunung Ijen Banyuwangi can be traveled from the eastern route (Bali – Banyuwangi) and West Line (Surabaya / Malang). Access to Gunun Ijen crater locations and attractions from Surabaya, Malang and Banyuwangi. Visitors who come from the west route can use the route and the route to the Mount Ijen crater as follows:

Surabaya / Malang then headed to Bondowoso area with a distance of around 191 Km
Arriving in Bondowoso, it was continued to Sempol village, approximately 165 Km away
If you have arrived in the village of Sempol Bondowoso then go to Banyupait village with a distance of about 14 Km
From Banyupait to the Paltuding post as far as approximately 4km
Arriving at Paltuding means you have arrived at the location of the start of the climb towards Mount Ijen. Then from Paltuding to the summit of Mount Ijen Crater must climb as far as 3 Km.
If you are planning a vacation to the tourist area of ​​Gunung Ijen from the east line, you can use the route and the nearest route as follows:

If you are from Bali then head to – Banyuwangi can (airport or to the port of Ketapang Banyuwangi)
Arrive in Banyuwangi then drive to the slippery sub-district with a distance of 15 km
From the slippery sub-district then to the paltuding post with a distance of about 18 km
Arriving at Paltuding means you have arrived at the location of the start of the climb towards the top of Mount Ijen
Then from Paltuding to the summit of Mount Ijen Crater must climb as far as 3 Km.
It takes 6-7 hours by foot from the village of Jambu to Ijen Crater, and slippery and dangerous road conditions. The recommended time to visit Ijen Crater is around April – October, because during these times it is the dry season and the roads around the location are not slippery and safer.

How to Get Mount Ijen Crater From Mount Bromo ?

For tours to the Ijen Crater area, you have to climb so if you plan a visit to the Mount Ijen tourist site you need excellent stamina. The majority who visit the Ijen start the night climb to be able to see the blue fire ijen phenomenon, with access to the 1.5 km climb uphill and the road is wide and then it is continued with 1.5 km of slightly sloping climbing route. Route and hiking route to Gunung Ijen is easy because in addition to tourist sites, the Gunung Ijen area is used as a sulfur mining site. If linkages come directly to the location Ijen can use travel tour services to ijen with ijen crater tour package services.

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