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mount bromo access and quotes – Mount Bromo is a mountain with an altitude of 2392 masl located in 4 government areas in East Java, namely Malang regency, Lumajang, Probolinggo and Pasuruan. Supported by the presence of several tourist attractions around and the hospitality of the local people, making this mountain a unique and cool tourist spot. If you are interested in climbing Mount Bromo, it’s better between May – October, where the dry season is underway. This is to minimize the occurrence of unwanted things, and to be able to enjoy a more perfect sunrise!

mount bromo quotes

mount bromo quotes

1. Malang Station-Arjosari Terminal

Because it is located in four districts, making Mount Bromo very accessible. Transportation to Bromo has also been … from various parts of the city in East Java. For those of you from Malang City, from Malang City Station continue the journey to Arjosari Terminal, you can use the AL Series City Transportation. This public transportation tariff is Rp. 4,000, – only.

2. Arjosari-Pasar Tumpang Terminal

After you arrive at Arjosari Terminal, you can go directly to the next destination, namely Tumpang Village. You can continue the journey by taking a white public transport to the Tumpang Market, which costs only around Rp. 4,000 – up to Rp. 5,000, – only. From here you can continue the journey to GubugKlakah village, and will meet the path that passes through Lumajang, which is the Jemplang area and then proceed through the savanna mountain of Bromo.

3. Rent a Jeep

From the overlapping village you can use the Jeep to the entrance of the TNBTS area (Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park) with a rental price of around Rp. 750,000 per 6 people, depending on how you bid the price.

4. Entrance ticket to Mount Bromo

Be thankful you are an Indonesian, because the prices that are priced for domestic tourists are almost 10 times cheaper than foreign tourists. For domestic tourism only Rp. 27,500, – Monday – Thursday and Rp. 32,500, – Friday – Sunday. As for foreign tourists, it reaches Rp. 217,500, – for Mondays – Thursdays, and Rp. 317,500, – for Friday – Sunday. Wow, right, right?

5. Rent a Horse

Arriving in the jeep parking lot, you will see horse rentals that offer delivery services to the crater. You can rent horses there for Rp. 100,000, – the price depends on the way you offer it. Not bad, you don’t need to be tired to walk down a fairly steep and dusty road filled with rocks that are getting bigger.

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Ticket prices for the latest Bromo 2018 – 2019 entry

Holidays to popular places are the desire of everyone and will feel proud if you have visited the tourist sites. Bromo Mountain is one of the tourist sites that has always been the center of attention of many tourists, but because there is a change in the price of bromo entrance tickets for the latest local tourists and foreign tourists, you must know in advance if you plan to take a vacation there.

To get to the location of Mount Bromo there are several routes and paths to Mount Bromo which can be reached including the southern route which is towards Bromo from the unfortunate overlays that are heading towards Ranu Kumbolo and Semeru. Then the route from the city of Pasuruan and the most popular is the route to Bromo via Probolinggo. The route via Probolinggo is more in demand because there are many inns and hotels available close to Mount Bromo.

Qoutes Bromo Entrance Ticket Prices for Local Tourists and Foreign Tourists

Weekday / Weekday (Week Day)

Domestic Travelers Rp. 27,500
Foreign Tourism IDR 217,500

Holidays (Week End)

Domestic Travelers IDR 32,500
Foreign Tourism IDR 317,500

Life insurance included. Tickets per day, insurance per entry

Ticket to Bromo for cars, bicycles, motorbikes
In addition to having to pay the price of admission to Bromo per person there is also a fee for transportation that you use when entering the national park area Bromo Tengger Semeru.

Vehicle Wheel 4 (Private Car / Jeep) Rp. 10,000, –
2 Wheel Vehicles (Motorbikes) Rp. 5,000, –
2 Wheel Vehicle (Pancal Bike) Rp. 2,000, –

For every visitor who uses 2-wheeled vehicles (motorbikes), it is prohibited to use automatic vehicles because the hilly terrain is very dangerous and frequent accidents occur at the location of Bromo. And for those of you who come to Bromo with a private 4WD 4-wheeled vehicle, they are obliged to rent a jeep at Bromo instead of transportation that is specific to the terrain in Bromo.

How much Mount Bromo tour quotes from jakarta?

If you go to Bromo from Jakarta, it will be better and cheaper via Surabaya, bro.
If there is a group / group from Jakarta who wants to backpacker to Bromo and its surroundings, if you want to ask questions about Bromo, you can contact us, tour operator “” We also hold opentrip to Bromo & madakaripura. who will leave every weekend. (Saturday) following information:
OpenTrip of Mount Bromo + Madakaripura Waterfall,
Without a minimum of participants, one person can join (Backpacker Style)
Meeting point Saturday 22:00 WIB in the private car park Bungurasih SBY Terminal
Arrive back in Surabaya Sunday from 6:00 to 19:00 WIB
Cost: 350 rb / pax

To return, the station / airport / terminal will be delivered free of charge.

* Surabaya-Bromo PP transportation by Elf AC
* Jeep rental 4 complete locations
(Penanjakan 1, Bromo Crater, Whispering Sand, Teletubbies Hill)
* Bromo & Madakaripura + Guide tour tickets
* Eat 2X & mineral water

NEED a Travel Agent Or mount bromo quotes Information?

travel agent bromo wonderfuleastjava

Travel tips for cheap Mount Bromo tour for you from Yogyakarta, Bandung, Jakarta, Surabaya, Semarang.

Wherever you come from, and want to take a vacation to Mount Bromo, it’s good if you are looking for information in advance about Mount Bromo, before leaving for vacation to Bromo.

Mount Bromo is the most beautiful place in East Java, and has been very popular in Indonesia to foreign countries.

Famous for the beauty of nature, and number one is the beauty of Sunrise / Sunrise.

For those of you who want to vacation in Mount Bromo, you can book the Bromo tour package that I recommend.

You no longer have to bother to take care of everything about transportation, hotels, jeeps etc.

If you order a tour package to Bromo, Tour and Travel services will pick you up.

Along with other participants at the Airport / Stations / Terminals / Hotels in the area around Surabaya – Malang.

Or it could be in another city close to Surabaya, which had been agreed before.

Travel tips to Mount Bromo Tour

Tips on Holiday to Mount Bromo from Jakarta.
If you don’t want to pay a significant amount of money, and want to save money, you can book a flight ticket for Jakarta-Surabaya at the promo time, or when it’s cheap.

It’s good, if before you leave for Surabaya, you have booked the Bromo tour package first, so that the Tour and Travel can order you hotels, and transportation for you to use the holiday.

After you arrive in Surabaya City, you will be picked up by the Tour and Travel service team, and delivered to get to Mount Bromo.

Next, you can take a break before reaching Mount Bromo, Cemoro Lawang area.

After you arrive at Cemoro Lawang, the Bromo Jeep will take you, for a holiday to 4 tourist sites on Mount Bromo.

Starting from the first one to see Sunrise at Penanjakan, Mount Bromo Crater, Padang Savana Teletubbies in Bromo, Whispering Sand Mount Bromo.

After your tour is complete, the Bromo Jeep will take you back to the Cemoro Lawang area.

Our team has been waiting there, to take you back to the airport / station / terminal / hotel in the area around Surabaya.

After that, the Tour to Bromo is Completed.

Tips on Holiday to Mount Bromo from Yogyakarta.

You can use private vehicles, or public transportation, for holidays to Mount Bromo if from Yogyakarta.

If you use a private vehicle such as a car / motorbike, from Jogja to Bromo it takes approximately 13 hours of travel.

If you use public transportation such as airplane / train / bus, you can’t help but have to find a car rental, to take you to Mount Bromo in the Cemoro Lawang area.

After you arrive at Cemoro Lawang, you must rent a Bromo Jeep to take you on a tour to the tourist area on Mount Bromo.

Without the help of Tour and Travel services, you will get an expensive Bromo Jeep rental price.

Similarly, if you want to stay at a hotel in the Bromo area, you will get an expensive price without the services of a Tour and Travel.

Do not believe ? please try it yourself, and feel your own vacation to Mount Bromo without the services of a Tour and Travel.

For those who like Backpacker, I don’t think it will be a big problem, because I have a lot of time to travel.

I wrote the other trip above.

Tour Package Mount Bromo Quote

Please click link below to get information package:

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Phone : +62 335 434 183
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