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Mount Bromo Milky Way Tour – Bromo Milky Way | Mount Bromo is famous for the beauty of the sunrise at a point in the mountain of Bromo climbing, with an altitude of 2,770 masl, bromo craters that are still active, savanna grasslands that resemble children’s films teletubbies and whispering sand. it turns out that it is not only the beauty of the sunrise but the mountains that are in the area of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park also have the beauty or other attraction of the Milky Way Bromo or the Bromo Milky Way.

Bromo Milky Way Tourmount bromo milky way tour

Actually the Milky Way still doesn’t know much, I also don’t know, what is a milky way? let’s discuss together what is the Milky Way. “The Milky Way is a collection of millions of stars that have volumes such as dust and gas that are located on the disk / field of the galaxy / milky way (Milky Way star cluster)” According to Wikipedia: “

In Indonesian, the term “Bimasakti” comes from a black figure in a puppet, namely Bima. This term arises because ancient Javanese saw the arrangement of stars scattered in the sky if connected and drawn by a line that would form a Bima image wrapped around a dragon snake, so called “Milky Way”. Meanwhile, Westerners call it the Milky Way because they see it as a white luminous fog that stretches across the celestial sphere.

The Bromo Milky Way Natural Phenomenon is still not popular because it is still far behind the bromo sunrise tour that is in great demand by foreign and domestic tourists, besides to see the Milky Way and take pictures it needs special expertise, and only photographer lovers can only enjoy the milky beauty this way,

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The Best Time To Capture Mount Bromo Milk Way 

there are foreign tourists who say that milky tourism in Bromo is the best among other tourist attractions. Among them, Peter Weles, a British tourist said, “Mount Bromo is a place that has a beautiful sky and the best of the Milky Way in the world. I really enjoyed it here “when interpreted with Indonesia” Mount Bromo is a place that has a beautiful sky and the best of the Milky Way in the world. I really enjoyed it here “.

There are several Milky Way Mount Bromo spots that are most in demand, such as climbing 1 bromo, at Mount Bromo, climbing 2 Bromo and Kingkong Hill, from all these places having different beauty but all of them do not leave the characteristic of Mount Bromo beauty but to see natural phenomena bromo milky way needs the right time, namely when the weather is sunny without clouds between 01.00 – 04.00 in the morning and occurs between April and September, where Indonesia at that time experiences a dry season.

How to Get Mount Bromo Milky Way ?

The right time to create a phonemona milky way on Mount Bromo, you need to take an early break at the closest hotel in the Mount Bromo area then start visiting at 1:00 AM with the only transportation to get to some interesting places that have been agreed upon, namely Jeep Bromo.

After getting the chosen place, you just wait for the appearance of the Bromo Milky Way while looking for a suitable place to put the tripod and camera until it’s ready to catch. After finishing enjoying the Milky Way Bromo, you can continue to enjoy Sunrise at 5:20 a.m. and end by taking a photo for Mount Bromo View because from the peak of 1 Bromo climb, all the views will look very amazing and able to capture all the parts that offer a million beauties like Mount Batok , Bromo Crater and Bromo Caldera, which surrounds “Mount Bromo” and the highest mountain in East Java, namely Mount Semeru.

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Milky Way of Mount  Bromo By Jeep

To get to the place where the milky way phenomenon in Mount Bromo occurs, you can use transportation means, Jeep Bromo. You can start departing at 1:00 in the morning then you can choose the best place to enjoy Bromo Milky Way. While waiting, you can also set up your camera and tripod to capture this rare phenomenon. After enjoying the Bromo Milky Way phenomenon, you can also continue to wait in that place to wait for the sunrise which usually will appear around half past six in the morning. And you can also capture one of the favorite moments for many people. After the sun starts to rise, you will be treated to a magnificent view around Mount Bromo where you can see Mount Batok, and the Bromo Caldera Crater and do not miss that place you will see Mount Semeru which is the highest mountain in East Java.

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The milky way phenomenon in Mount Bromo is one of the rare natural phenomena that can be found in the Bromo tourist area which is able to attract tourists to visit this mountain with an altitude of 2,770 masl. As we know Bromo is so famous for its beautiful sunrise or sunrise. In addition to the sunrise, we will also be treated to a view of savanna grasslands, often called teletubies hills and whispering sand. In addition to those mentioned earlier, there is one more phenomenon that will look very attractive to star hunters and photographers where they can enjoy the phenomenon of galactic overlays in the Bromo sky where the infinite number of star planets lies in the galactic plane. This phenomenon can be found in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park area.

This phenomenon arises because the arrangement of star clusters that spread in the sky space and in Indonesia itself is illustrated that this milky way is a picture of Bima being wrapped around a dragon that you can get visually when the stars are interconnected then drawn by a line. For this reason, in Indonesia this phenomenon is often called the Milky Way. And the term Milky Way itself is a more universal international term.

This natural phenomenon occurs during midnight or midnight. The best time to see This milky way phenomenon on Mount Bromo starts at 12:00 in the morning until 3:00 in the dry season from April to September. In this season, the weather will be bright and cloudless so the milky way natural phenomenon in Bromo will be very clear. This phenomenon is very favored by some groups such as gazer stars and photography lovers. This milky way natural phenomenon in Bromo has even been known throughout the world.

Tour Package Bromo Milky Way Price 2019

Regarding the price of the tour package that we provide depends on the facilities you want, the number of tour participants and the date of the tour departure, for more information about this tour package please contact our admin for the telephone number listed on this website. and below are the standard facilities that we provide,

Price includes:
– Hotel Accommodation 1 Night in the Bromo Tourism Area (list of hotel choices in the Bromo Tourism Area click here)
– Hartop Jeep in Bromo for Milky Way Hunting and Explore Mount Bromo Tour Ijen Crater Packages
– Private PP Transport (Car + Driver + BBM)
– Breakfast, Body Warming Drink or Coffee Break during Milky Way Hunting
– Ticket to Mount Bromo
– Parking, toll and village retribution
– Mineral water during the trip.

What you need to bring for the Milky Way Bromo Tour:
– Warm clothes / Jacket
– Mask
– Gloves.
– Scarf.
– Kerpus 

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