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Mount Bromo Luxury Tour Package From Surabaya Airport – This time we will discuss the adventure of visiting Mount Bromo in East Java.

Mount Bromo is now not just a tourist spot.
Now the Bromo area has become the location of several national and international class events. Like Jazz Gunung and Bromo Marathon.

Mount Bromo tourism is one of the mainstay destinations that Indonesia has and is always promoted abroad.

Mount Bromo Luxury Tour

mount bromo luxury tour

1.This time we will discuss in full about Mount Bromo tourism, both from accommodation, the price of admission to Bromo, the guest house in Bromo and the reality of what you can find while in Bromo.

Before talking about accommodation and others, let’s discuss the matter of Mount Bromo.
Maybe some of you don’t know where Mount Bromo is? cook, don’t you know?

Okay, we will let you know, according to the region, the location of Mount Bromo and the Bromo Tengger Semeru area are among four (4) districts, namely Malang, Pasuruan, Probolinggo and Lumajang.

Maybe a lot of people think that Bromo belongs to the city of Malang, that in my opinion is not true, because the one who owns the area in the Bromo Tengger Semeru area is Malang Regency.

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Popular paths that you can travel to Mount Bromo

To reach Mount Bromo Tour there are four (4) popular paths that you can travel. (As far as I know there are four popular routes) The path you can take is via Probolinggo, Pasrepan (Pasuruan), Nongkojajar and Tumpang (Malang). Let’s discuss One by one. The First Line via Probolinggo To get to Bromo via the Probolinggo route, you could say this route is the most popular and highly recommended for tour operators. scattered and cheap house. In the Cemoro Lawang area of Probolinggo you can find guest houses for only 100 thousand. Right for those of you who like backpacker

The disadvantages may be if taken from the city of Malang, it takes around 4-5 hours of travel. The Probolinggo route is more effective if you start the journey from Surabaya, because the travel time is faster.

How to Get Mount Bromo From Aiport?

2. Second Line via Pasrepan, Pasuruan

This second line is the second popular route after the Probolinggo route.

This front line has a fairly gentle but winding path and is quite long in a forested area with very little lighting.

Access is quite easy. if you are from Malang, take the direction of Surabaya until you find the Purwosari T-junction, you take a straight road until you find your big T-junction turn right towards Mount Bromo.

If you pass this route you can directly access Mount Bromo Climbing 1 and 2 spots. The spot is one of the best sunrise spots on Mount Bromo.

Tips on passing the Pasrepan route. If you use a motor make sure not to drive alone, there are at least 3-5 motorcycles in one group.

Because usually Bromo visitors drive at night and the Pasrepan route is very famous, so you should always be careful.

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3. The third line via Nongkojajar

This third line is also still included in the Pasuruan area but, closer if accessed from the city of Malang.

This third line in my opinion is the fastest and safest if accessed from the city of Malang.

The route from Nongkojajar will eventually meet with the route from Paserpan. They are both meeting in Wonokitri village, the village which is the entrance to pay for the entrance ticket to Mount Bromo.

The Nongkojajar Line is quite fast, it can be taken only about 2 hours from Malang City.

The nongkojajar lane is fairly safe, because to get to Wonokitri there are always houses, so you can say it’s safer than the Paserpan line which is dominated by forest areas.

But there are some twists that are quite sharp and uphill so you have to be careful.

There are also quite a lot of guest houses, you can search in the Tosari or Wonokitri area, there are many hotels and guest houses that are quite affordable.

Tour Package Mount Bromo 

4. The fourth track via Tumpang, Malang

This last line is arguably less popular for tourists.

Actually this path is closest if accessed from the city of Malang. About 1.5 hours to get to the sea of ​​sand in Mount Bromo. But unfortunately the facilities on this line are still very minimal.

There are no guest house facilities (as far as I know), roads that are very steep and lack lighting facilities.

Oh yeah it’s not recommended to use a motorbike to pass this route, because the derivatives are quite steep.

Many incidents of brakes failed and caused accidents to cause casualties.

This overpass is actually more specifically for those who want to climb Mount Semeru. Because this route is one of the routes to access Ranupani village at the foot of Mount Semeru.

This path is usually used by those who like to go offroad, if you only want a safe and comfortable tour, please pass the previous 3 lines.

“From the four lines above, I would recommend to pass the Probolinggo route if you are from Surabaya. If you are from Malang, please choose the Nongkojajar route.”

Finished yes about the route to Mount Bromo!Let’s move on to the next chapter

Entrance ticket to Mount Bromo (Just like the lecture material, hehe)

Before 2014, the ticket price for mount Bromo was very, very cheap.

At that time to enter the Bromo Tengger Semeru area, you only reached Rp. 15,000 for one motorbike with two passengers.

Why are you two? if the three of us will be mistaken for chillies, he … he … he (crisp huh)

But since new regulations have been set up around May 2014, the ticket prices for entering Bromo Mountain have increased dramatically.

Last time I visited Bromo on September 4, 2017 via Nongkojajar, the ticket price was Rp. 25,000 + Rp. 2,500 per person insurance. Plus the entrance ticket for 2-wheeled vehicles is IDR 5,000.

So, in total, if you ride a double motorbike and want to travel to Bromo, you have to spend Rp. 60,000. The ticket price has gone too far.

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Well, that’s above the explanation about mount bromo luxury tour, Hopefully it is useful. Thanks.

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