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The Wonderful Kingkong Hill At Mount Bromo For Sunrise – Bromo Tengger Semeru Tourism is located in 4 regions, namely Probolinggo, Pasuruan, Lumajang, and Malang Regency. Mount Bromo is one of the mountains in the world which is surrounded by a sea of sand covering 10 square kilometers. But what I want to discuss at this time is not the crater or the history of Mount Bromo, but the spot of Sunrsie which may be rarely known by many people. Can you guess the name of the place?

Kingkong Hill, that’s how people call this place. Kingkong Hill is located a few hundred meters below climb 1 and for the height of the Kingkong hill itself is 2,700m. Kingkong Hill is suitable to be used as an alternative sunrise view point if Penanjakan 1 spot is crowded with visitors.

King Kong Hill At Mount Bromo

mount bromo king kong hill

My experience as a tour guide in the Bromo area, I each time brought guests both from inside and outside the country to Kingkong Hill to enjoy sunrise rather than at already crowded spots such as climbing and the hill of love. In my opinion, it’s true that Penanjakan 1 is the main spot to see the sunrise, but when compared to Kingkong Hill, Kingkong Hill is far superior in many ways.

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Advantages by Kingkong Hill to see the Sunrise :

Kingkong Hill is easier to reach than Penanjakan 1. Yes, Kingkong Hill is 100 meters below the 1st climbing spot and tourists can also reach this spot by walking from Cemoro Lawang which only takes 1 hour.
One of the advantages of seeing sunrise on kingkong hill is that there are very few visitors in this spot because not many people know this spot because the road is quite ‘deceptive’ compared to other spots.
No need to worry about starvation, there are also stalls selling kingkong food and drinks, so if you are thirsty or starving you can stop by for a little while.
The view is not playing well. On the kingkong hill, you can see 3 mountains (bromo, batok, semeru) with clearer and closer course compared to seeing them from the climbing spot. The feeling that is felt must be different because if you observe well, everything in the area of ​​the kingkong hill feels closer and spoils your eyes.

How to Get to Kingkong Hill of Mount Bromo  ?

It is not difficult to reach this ‘God Mountain’. Various modes of land and air transportation can be chosen.

If you take the bus, you can get off at the Probolinggo bus terminal followed by a small bus to Bromo.

If you choose to take the train, you can get off at Gubeng Station then continue by bus to Probolinggo Terminal and connect by a small bus to Bromo.

Stepping on Nirwana Bromo Do you enter Bromo exploration. (CNN Indonesia / Ramadhan Rizki Saputra)

I happened to use a plane to get to that destination. I flew to Bromo at the invitation of Plataran Indonesia.

For two days there, I was invited to enjoy the cultural treats of the Tengger Tribe and the natural beauty of Mount Bromo.

Do not linger at the airport, I was immediately escorted to the inn in Plataran Bromo, located in Ngadiwono Village, Pasuruan, East Java.

The white minibus I was riding drove slowly towards the inn.

From Juanda Airport, Surabaya to my accommodation can be reached in around three hours. Along the way to Bromo guaranteed not to be boring and spoil the eyes.

When entering the Bromo area in the Pasuruan region, the road will continue to wander uphill with a view of the verdant Tengger hills.

As far as the eye can see, the terraced rice field area interspersed with pine trees typical of the mountain area adorns the right and left sides of the road.

For me who has motion sickness, facing a winding road is really not wearing. Therefore, I suggest that you equip yourself with motion sickness drugs to enjoy the trip.

The following is a summary of my trip during an overnight tour in the Bromo Mountain area last weekend.

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The Beautiful Sunset at Kingkong Hill Mount Bromo 

travel agent bromo wonderfuleastjava

At 17:00 – Relax Enjoy Magical Sunset

About three hours drive, finally I arrived at the Plataran Bromo Hotel where I stayed. The hotel has a height above 1,800 meters above sea level and the location is quite strategic because it has a distance of about 30 minutes drive from Penanjakan viewpoint.

When I arrived there, I was told that the check-in schedule was still 9pm. So I have a lot of time out and choose to go around the hotel area.

Since the twilight has arrived, I want to see and feel the Magical Sunset typical of the Tengger Mountains.

The hotel staff also directed me to enjoy the sunset at the Rooftop Terrace of Bromo Restaurant, which is still in a complex with Plataran Bromo.

This spot has a mainstay view when the sun sets because it is located directly opposite Tengger hills. As a result, the sunset with the background of Mount Arjuno and the surrounding Tengger Mountains became a beautiful sight that afternoon.

19:00 – Enjoying the Art and Culture Attractions of the Tengger Tribe

In addition to its beautiful natural charm, the Mount Bromo and Tengger Mountains regions also store the beauty of its cultural traditions.

I arrived at the end of last week to coincide with the holding of the ‘Bromo Xtravaganza Festival’ which included attractions in the arts and culture of the Tengger Tribe.

The festival was held to complete the Pasuruan Bromo Marathon 2018 sports event which will be held the next day.

The annual festival has been held for the past six years around Bromo. This time, the festival was held at the Princess Dewi Amphitheater which is still in the Plataran Bromo area. mount bromo tour package ijen crater 

Since the afternoon, the festival has gradually been filled with foreign and local tourists to enjoy the dish

Various cultural arts attractions such as the typical East Java Remo Dance, Kuda Lumping dance or the Tengger Typical Edge Dance are alternately staged.

My eyes and feelings were even more enthusiastic to see the show amid the cold breeze that touched 9 degrees Celsius that night.

The show was even more serene when the strains of the Tengger Tribe Indigenous Gamelan were performed, followed by the attractions of Ketipung and Baleganjur Art.

How To book Mount Bromo Tour to see at king kong hill ?

Me and Sefin rushed to the room, which turned out to be quite time consuming because it uses a cool elevator that the road is quite slow. This elevator is outside the room, precisely between the steps that make up the Bromo Cottages inn. Even though it’s not clearly visible because it’s dark, guaranteed tomorrow morning there will be a beautiful view. Fifteen minutes later we arrived at the room, then hurried to sleep and set the alarm at eleven minutes past eleven.

Just one hour of sleep, the alarm rang and we got ready like zombies. The road shuffles and sleepy eyes. We arrived at the lobby at twelve o’clock at night, just as the Cinderella carriage returned to being pumpkin. And, there is no one there! We forget that Indonesians often catch up, and we obey the rules.

Finally our group departed with a Jeep around two o’clock, Sefin and I waited until I fell asleep in the lobby. After a long process of entering the national park area, we arrived at Kingkong Bromo Hill around three o’clock. This hill is just below Pananjakan and gives clearer access to Bromo Crater and Mount Semeru and the surrounding sand area. The lights of cars that flick in the distance show another group that is ready to welcome the sunrise at Pananjakan.

Meanwhile, me and my friends shivered right. The air was very cold, plus the wind was strong, my hands were stiff and numb. I don’t know how many layers of cloth rolled in my body. Two-layer shirt, thick jacket and parka, two-layer socks and shoes, but not yet able to fend off cold air. I prepared the camera while jumping up and down like a dancer calling for rain. Satya and Mas Widhi are ready with their tripods in the leading position, as are Mas Yudhie and Mas Deta. I was even busy looking for a backrest on the fence because I didn’t carry a tripod. A little stupid, indeed. Although not too eyeing a star photo, I realized that it wasn’t as late as that, at least I got a lot of knowledge from experts on star photos and the Milky Way Galaxy: Mas Widhi.

“Look, just now there is a shooting star,” said Mas Widhi suddenly. I looked up to the sky. There is no. It seems like it’s past. “There’s more,” said Mas Widhi. This time I saw it even though it was too brief. I haven’t even had time to mumble. This bespectacled astrologer showed off his snapshot, it seemed that a bright, tailed point crossed the sky. Ah, we’re really lucky tonight.

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