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Mount bromo history – Aside from being an attractive tourist and recreation place, Mount Bromo has a quite unique history, including the origin of Mount Bromo itself. Mount Bromo is part of the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park east of Malang. Where the real name of the local inhabitants is the tengger tribe that has a well-known customs, the Kasodo Ceremony. Mount Bromo has been commonly visited by Indonesian people or the world as one of the best vacation spots in East Java, why? because Mount Bromo has the charm of beauty and attraction is very complex. A mountain that has extraordinary natural value.

Mount Bromo History East Java Indonesia

mount bromo history

The origin of the name Gunung Bromo is derived from Sanskrit or Old Javanese from the origin of the word “Brahma” which is one of the main deities in Hinduism. For the native Bromo people, namely the Tengger tribe, Mount Brahma (Bromo), it is believed to be a sacred mountain. Once a year the people around hold a traditional ceremony called Yadnya Kasada or Kasodo Tengger Ceremony. The ceremony was held at a temple called Luhur Poten Temple which is located in a sea of sand under the foot of Mount Bromo to the north. This ceremony is held in the middle of the night until the early hours of every full moon of the tenth month in accordance with the Javanese calendar which became the legend of Mount Bromo becoming very famous.

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Is Mount Bromo a composite volcano ?

According to the Tenggerese folklore the word “Tengger” comes from a combination of Roro Anteng and Joko Seger. In ancient times, a husband and wife lived in a hamlet. One day, when his wife was giving birth to a daughter who was very cute and funny, it became strange when she was born that the little baby did not cry, so her parents named Roro Anteng. Anteng in Javanese means to be quiet or calm.

At the same time, in another small family, was born a very handsome and healthy boy named “Joko Seger”. Time has passed and both of them become beautiful and handsome young men and women so they become lovers who want to be together together to live forever. But unfortunately there is a powerful kyai named Kyai Bima who is also captivated by the beauty of Roro Anteng, so desperate to marry her. Roro Anteng was as smart as he gave the condition to [there is Kyai Bima if you want to marry him, that is making a lake within 1 night. This is very hard, but because the Bima clerics have fallen in love, finally they can, because Kyai Bima is a powerful Mandraguna.

How did Mount Bromo East Java Indonesia Formed?

The making of the lake is done with a coconut shell, but in a short time the lake will be realized thanks to the magic of Kyai Bima. Seeing this, Roro Anteng twisted his brain so that it would occur. Then the dai struck the Palu so that the chicken quickly crowed.

Tactics of Roro Anteng succeeded, when he heard the rooster crowing, Kiai Bima thought the dawn had arrived and he failed to comply with Roro Anteng’s terms. With Amarah raging he slammed the coconut shell he used to make the lake. The coconut shell is now becoming Mount Batok next to Mount Bromo. The former excavated sand becomes Segoro Wedi or the sand ocean caldera that can be seen today.

Hopefully the article about the history of Mount Bromo above adds to the discourse and insight into the nobility of the Indonesian culture which should be grateful and learned from because Bromo tourism is a heritage that must be preserved.

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Eruption of Mount Bromo

The history of the eruption of Mount Bromo has been recorded several times. occurred around the 20th century and the 21st century, Mount Bromo regularly experienced eruptions for 30 consecutive years. Mount Bromo experienced the biggest eruption in 1974. While the last eruption that occurred was in 2015.

After knowing the history of Mount Bromo, you should also know the history of the tradition of the Kasada ceremony. It was told that in ancient times there lived a daughter named Roro Anteng. The beauty of Roro Anteng invited many men to ask for his hand, but all the candidates were rejected because Roro Anteng’s heart had chosen Joko Seger. Then came a pirate who was known to come to come to apply, so the gentle Roro Anteng could not immediately reject the proposal.

Roro Anteng made a difficult request to frustrate the proposal. He requested that an ocean be made within one day. Before the morning came, the ocean seemed to be finished, Roro Anteng’s heart was getting more anxious. So from that Roro Anteng tried to make the atmosphere become like morning. Magic pirates who know this are angry and throw a shell next to Mount Bromo and become a hill. Until now the hill is known as Mount Bathok

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