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climbing mount bromo

How Difficult To Climb Mount Bromo Indonesia?

Old Or Young, All Can Climb Mount Bromo

For most people, climbing a mountain can be considered a time-consuming and exhausting activity. It can even be dangerous. So many people are reluctant to try this challenging activity. Even though at the peak we can see extraordinary beauty, you know!

Mount Bromo Tour is a mountain that is easy to climb. Indeed this one mountain is an active volcano that has a height of around 2,329 masl. The mountain itself is located in four regencies, namely Probolinggo, Pasuruan, Lumajang, and Malang.

Mount Bromo can actually be climbed by anyone, because the hiking trail is quite easy and sloping. In addition, the lane is safe, because it is equipped with stairs and surrounded by a safety fence. Children or people who are elderly can climb as strong as possible to walk up.

Usually tourists who come for recreation on Mount Bromo rent a Jeep car to get to Penanjakan and see the Sun rising in the eastern horizon. Can also go directly to Bromo and park the Jeep car at the last stop before climbing.

To climb, we can choose to walk or rent a horse to travel 3 km. The path that is climbed is quite gentle and is a sea of ​​black sand produced by Mount Bromo which erupted many years ago.

Because our journey will be very sandy, it is advisable to bring a mask and glasses to protect yourself. Even if you feel tired, we can take a break there while enjoying the provisions. You can also buy drinks and stomach booster foods that are mostly sold in small shops along the hiking trail.

In the middle of the sea of ​​sand that can be called the Whispering Sand, we can see the Luhur Poten Temple which is a place of worship of the Tengger Tribe who live around the mountain.

In addition, every 14th day of the Kasada Month in the Javanese calendar, a Yadnya Kasada ceremony will be held, in the form of giving offerings to Sang Hyang Widhi by throwing offerings into the crater of the mountain.

See the active volcano of mount Bromo

After arriving at the mountain body and the road begins to climb, then there are steps that are intentionally built to facilitate climbing. On the edge there is a safety fence that makes the trip more safe for climbers.

If you want to reach a higher peak you can. But need to be more careful, because there is no longer a safety fence. At the top of Mount Bromo, we can see the mountain crater that is still active. This was evidenced by the presence of gas bursting from the crater.

The Bromo crater is very wide, approximately 600-800 meters in diameter. Uniquely, even though it is active and still has gas, here it doesn’t smell of sulfur at all.

Because of its active status, this mountain is always under surveillance. If mountain activity shows something different, even dangerous, then access to Bromo will be closed

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