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This Reason Why You Should Visit Mount Bromo, East Java – Mount Bromo tourism located in East Java is indeed inviting many tourists because of the beauty of the natural scenery from the height of the mountains, the name Mount Bromo itself is taken from one of the main deities in Hinduism namely Brahma, this mountain has an altitude of 2329 meters above sea level.

The status of Mount Bromo is still active making it a special attraction for tourists, a beautiful expanse of mountain surrounded by white clouds makes unsaturated eyes to look at, Mount Bromo tourism is very crowded with tourists, especially on holidays.

From Mount Bromo we can see the beautiful sunrise from a height of 2,780 meters above sea level, beautifully decorated with a stretch of mountain like the land above the clouds. Not a few tourists want to capture this beautiful moment, from the roof of tourists climbing can see the beauty of Mount Semeru which emits smoke which coupled with the rising sun gives a light of beauty in Mount Bromo Tourism.

About Mount Bromo East Java, Indonesia

mount bromo east java

Mount Bromo tourism is famous for its culture, one of which is the annual Yadnya Kasada or Kasodo festival, when the festival takes place not a few tourists come just to enjoy the festival, no wonder that the day is filled with tourists both from domestic and outside country.

The Yadnya Kasada or Kasodo Festival is carried out by giving offerings in the form of slaughterhouses, vegetables and money thrown in the Mount Bromo Crater as a symbol of gratitude to the Almighty.

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History of Mount Bromo

The history of Mount Bromo began when during the Majapahit Kingdom, at that time there was a massive attack which resulted in people being forced to move from their hometowns until finally they took refuge in 2 places, one on the island of Bali and partly on the slopes of Mount Bromo. which is widely adopted in these two places.

The name “Tengger” is believed to come from Legend of Roro Anteng and Joko Seger. “Teng” is the ending of the names Roro An “teng” and “Ger” are the endings of the names of Joko Se “ger” and Mount Bromo also recognized as the holy mountain. Hindus call it the name of Mount Brahma. While the Javanese call it Mount Bromo.

The Best Spots In Mount Bromo Should Visited


This penanjakan is one of the favorite places of Mount Bromo tourism, from here we can see the beautiful range of mountains covered by beautiful clouds, besides that from Mount Bromo climbing we can see the beautiful sunrise with golden light wrapping, perfect for photography.

Going to penanjakan must be in the morning around 3:00 a.m. to be able to see the beautiful sunrise from Mount Bromo climbing, departing early is expected to not miss enjoying the sunrise and also look for a suitable place so as not to be occupied by other tourists early.

Whispering Sands is also one of Mount Bromo’s tourist destinations, scaly sand is taken from its place of existence which is a vast and beautiful stretch of sand, this place became popular because it was once the location of whispering sand films starring Sastro Wardoyo. In the middle of the vast sand, there is a place where the Tengger Tribe is worshiped.


Teletubies Hill is also one of the Mount Bromo tourist destinations, a beautiful expanse of green grass growing like the Teletubies hill surrounded by rows of hills makes this place crowded with tourists, especially for taking pictures.
The expanse of the savanna hills of the Mount Bromo teletubies as if clean cool green rugs were placed between the hills making eyes amazed at their beauty.


Not only the natural scenery on Mount Bromo tourism, you can also enjoy the fresh strawberry fruit that is directly picked from the tree, the community believes that the strawberry that grows on Mount Bromo has its own characteristics, legit taste and reddish color are characteristic of the fruit.

Not only natural and cultural tourism, agro tourism is also visited by many tourists because many of them have never felt the sensation of picking fruit directly and then they enjoy it, truly an amazing experience.

How to Get Mount Bromo From Malang ?

Take a vacation to the city of Malang and want to complete your holiday by continuing to Bromo. Here are the routes that can be taken from Malang City to Mount Bromo. 
Who does not know Mount Bromo, the mountain famous for its natural scenery, the sea of sand, the customs and culture of the Tengger tribe, and the craters that are still active, further adds to the charm of Mount Bromo, both for domestic tourists and foreign tourists.

There are several routes that can be taken to go to Mount Bromo, namely as follows:

travel agent bromo wonderfuleastjavaIf by air, the nearest airport to mount bromo from Malang is Abdurrahman Shaleh Airport in Malang Regency. Currently the flight schedule is quite complete compared to previous years. Arriving at Abdurrahman Shaleh Airport, you can use a taxi or motorcycle taxi to get to the Tumpang Market. It took about 30 minutes to arrive at the Tumpang market because the distance was indeed quite close. There you can continue your night trip with Hartop or Jeep with several other groups if you want to see the sunrise. Hartop’s rental price currently ranges from Rp1.2 million to 4-6 people. There are also those who charge IDR 250,000 to IDR 350,000 per person with a minimum departure of 6 persons

If through the railroad line, from outside the city can go down at the new city station, continue the city transportation Arjosari terminal department, from the Arjosari terminal can be continued to ride white city transportation majoring in Tumpang Market. From this market Hartop can go up as above.

If via the Bus line, from outside the city you can go directly down the Arjosari terminal, from this terminal you can continue to ride the white city transportation majoring in the Tumpang Market. From this market Hartop can go up as above.

Before heading to Mount Bromo, it is unfortunate if you do not visit or stop by many interesting spots along the way to Bromo including Coban Pelangi, Coban Trisula, there are also Giant Coban or want to try Rafting in the area before Coban Pelangi. Throughout the trip you will be treated to an expanse of plantations of apples, various pine cypresses, and various vegetable fields.

After being satisfied with the various attractions, it is very unfortunate if you do not proceed to the Highest Village in Java, which is in the village of Ngadas or commonly known as Desa Diatas Awan. There are many scattered home stay, can stay here with rates ranging from 200 thousand to 300 thousand. By early morning, you can take a motorcycle taxi to local people to get to Mount Bromo with rates ranging from 150 thousand to 200 thousand. How exciting is it to Bromo through Malang?

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