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Mount Bromo & Mount Ijen Blue Fire – Starting 2018, the East Java Tourism Office targets East Java to be visited by 1 million foreign tourists.

They can enjoy comfort and beauty until the exotic Bromo.

Not only is the mountain very beautiful with its sea of ​​sand which is the idol of foreign tourists, the Caucasians also enjoy Ijen Crater and other extraordinary natural attractions in East Java.

Mount Bromo Ijen Volcano Blue fire

mount bromo blue fire

Every time, many foreign tourists flock to the worldwide tourist destinations. Caucasians from all over the world have not been to Indonesia if they do not visit Bromo.

“The opportunity for us is not only Bromo and Ijen. The Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park is now a new idol package,” said the Head of the East Java Tourism Office Jariyanto on Wednesday (01/10/2018).

Foreign tourists visiting East Java until 2019 are targeted to reach 1 million foreigners. They have to go home with a good and comfortable impression while in East Java.

At present there is a trend for foreign tourists visiting East Java to continue to increase. Although the increase in visits is relatively unattractive. From 2016 there were 618 Caucasians, increasing to 624 visits in 2017.

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 “Our challenge until 2019 must be 1 million foreign tourists visiting East Java. We want to show that East Java is comfortable and impressive,” Jariyanto added.

Even the encouraging news is the growing interest in artificial tourist destinations. House of Sampoerna in Surabaya is one of the most desirable besides Bromo. This destination is recognized as contributing significantly.

East Java is also determined that every tourist attraction must be easily accessible. In all East Java there are 784 attractions.

This article has been aired on with the title Bromo and Ijen Becoming an Idol Trick Package in East Java, Ready to Attract Million Foreign Tourists,

How to Get Mount Bromo And Mount Ijen ?

Of the hundreds of tourist attractions, the majority of tourism is natural and cultural. Then special interests and artificial and culinary destinations.

Some foreigners or foreign tourists who have visited East Java, they are actually impressed with the Pacitan beach destination. According to the Caucasians, the Pacitan sea is the most beautiful.

However, currently the condition of the South Ring Road (JLS) as the main supporter of the destination in Pacitan has not been maximized.

There are a number of damaged roads. JLS is also not fully connected to Banyuwangi.

Meanwhile, the target of increasing domestic or domestic tourist arrivals in East Java is also being encouraged.

In 2017, there were 54 million tourists. Then in 2018 it must reach 58 million people.

Nationally, the target of domestic tourist visits throughout Indonesia must reach 275 million. This amount must be spread throughout the region.

“East Java is one of the many contributors in contributing tourists,” said Jariyanto, who immediately ran a special program for 58 million tourists visiting East Java.

He said that the tourism sector would be the most promising hope for Indonesia to compete internationally.

Creative economy was born from this sector. Tourism will drive the economy of the people.

Meanwhile, PT Angkasa Pura 1 Juanda was also challenged in pursuing a target of bringing tourists in East Java with 1 million tourists.

This article has been aired on with the title Bromo and Ijen Becoming an Idol Trick Package in East Java, Ready to Attract Million Foreign Tourists,

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Shuttle :
Airports, Stations, Terminals in Malang and Surabaya

Places visited:
Bromo Crater – Penanjakan 1 – Love Hill / Kingkong Hill (optional) – Savanah / Teletubbies Hill – Whispering Sand – Tabuhan Island – Menjangan Island – Blue Fire


First day 
01.00 Picked up at the meeting point (Malang / Surabaya)
1:00 a.m. Trip to Watu Dodol Beach
06.00 Preparation and shower
8:00 Menjangan Tourism
12.00 Travel to the hotel
3:00 p.m. Time to rest

Second day 
00:00 Ijen trekking
02.00 enjoy blue fire and sunrise
05.00 trekking down
7:00 rest
10.00 Journey to Bromo
3:00 p.m. Time is free

Third day
02.00 Preparation
3:00 a journey to the climbing view point 1
4:00 See the sunrise
05.30 Travel to Bromo crater
06.00 Bromo crater tourism
08.00 Travel to the savannah and whispering sand
08:30 Tourism of savannah and whispering sand
10.00 Return to the parking lot and travel to the meeting point

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