Mount Bromo, Ijen Crater Dominated By Singapore Malaysia & Thailand 5/5 (1)

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Mount Bromo Blog Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand – Not only Mount Bromo and Ijen Crater have amazing natural charm. There are several other destinations in East Java that can attract foreign tourists. Especially if the traveler enjoys adventure travel, as done by travel agents from Singapore and Thailand.

Singapore and Thailand are potential countries for Indonesian tourism. Travel agents and media from Singapore – Thailand are invited to take part in the Familiarization Trip (Famtrip) activities in several destinations in East Java, April 30 – May 5, 2019.

Mount Bromo Blog Singapore Malaysia Thailand

mount bromo blog singapore

Deputy Assistant of Regional I Marketing Development I of the Ministry of Tourism, Dessy Ruhat, said that this trip was continuous with the Majapahit Travel Fair held on May 4, 2019 in Surabaya.

“It is hoped that through this activity, Famtrip participants can get collaborative partners to sell East Java tour packages to tourists or expatriates in Singapore and Thailand through the B to B Majapahit Travel Fair event,” said Dessy Ruhat, in Jakarta, Sunday (05/5/2019)

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Mount Bromo Kawah Ijen From Singapore Malaysia Thailand

Dessy said, the Famtrip this time was supported by the Banyuwangi Government and was attended by 23 Travel Agents (TA) / Tour Operators (TO) and Media consisting of 11 Singapore participants (9 TA / TO, 1 Media, 1 VITO). In addition there were 12 participants from Thailand (10 TA / TO, 1 Media, 1 VITO). As for the destination, starting from Ijen Crater, Mount Bromo, Red Beach, to the Trabas Forest (De Djawatan).

The famtrip aims to promote tourism with special interests in adventure or adventure in East Java to Singapore and Thailand markets.

“Not only is the beauty of nature in East Java charming. We want to raise the adventure destination here as a focus of interest in this journey of introduction, “said Dessy.

How to Get Mount Bromo From Singapore Malaysia And Thailand ?

Moreover, Dessy continued, Singapore and Thailand are potential markets to work on. Moreover, border tourism (cross border tourism) has the potential to be visited more by foreign tourists from neighboring countries.

The reason is because neighboring countries have geographical proximity. That way, tourists are easier, faster and cheaper to reach destinations in Indonesia.

“In addition, they also have cultural or emotional closeness that makes border tourism easier to visit. The potential of the border tourism market includes Singapore and Thailand, “he said.

Ministry of Tourism targets Singapore to contribute 4 million foreign tourists visiting Indonesia during 2019.

“For this reason, this famtrip activity is a tour package incubator for TA / TO in each country to be offered to their respective markets in the future,” said Dessy.

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Mount Bromo Tour Singapore Malaysia Thailand

Tourists from Malaysia and Singapore make East Java mount Bromo tourism improve. Tourist visits in East Java increased 28.11 percent since last February 2016 until this year.

Reporting from, the Head of the East Java Central Statistics Agency (BPS) Teguh Pramono said that the increase in tourist arrivals from Malaysia and Singapore did indeed match the annual trend. Because, the number of tourist visits generally declined after the new year celebration. In January the number of tourists reached 11,674 people, while in February it increased to 14,995 people.

“The decline occurred because it had not entered the holiday period. “Active working days still dominate, so there are not many who go abroad,” Teguh said.

Although based on the increasing month, in general the number of tourists visiting East Java this year is less than last year. In January 2015, the number of tourists reached 26,629 people. In February last year there were 29,369 people.

The country of origin of tourists visiting East Java is still the same as in previous years. Tourists from Malaysia, Singapore, China, Taiwan and Japan are ranked one to five.

Tourists from Malaysia recorded 3,551 people, an increase of 51 percent compared to the same period last year. Meanwhile, tourists from Singapore reached 1,616 people or grew 83.01 percent compared to last year.

The rise and fall of East Java destinations
The past two years can be called East Java tourism increasingly stretched. Various destinations have sprung up and become a favorite of tourists, both domestic and foreign.

After previously, it was only possible for Bromo to be able to speak as a national destination, it could now be called Banyuwangi and Malang which led to this positive trend to East Java. check package tour : Mount Bromo Ijen Volcano Tour Package

Not only depends on the beauty of nature, the government creatively innovates in the tourism sector, such as the Banyuwangi regional government which held 47 festivals throughout 2016 to attract tourists. There is also a Jember Fashion Carnival that already has a name in the field of Asian carnival fashion events. Also the Jazz of Mount Bromo and Ijen in the middle of this year will spoil jazz music lovers with the action of top Indonesian jazz musicians based on the beauty of Mount Bromo and Ijen.

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