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Estimated Costs and Tips for Climbing Semeru Mountain 2019 – This time I will discuss about Semeru Mountain again, if yesterday I discussed the estimation of Semeru climbing time, I will now discuss about the estimated cost of mount Semeru climbing in April 2019, incidentally indeed the Mount Semeru hiking trail was opened again in early April.

Actually I have discussed the estimated cost of climbing Semeru as well on my previous blog, but because of the cost of climbing Semeru, which changes every year like the price of train tickets, the price of the jeep to Semeru, and the semeru simulating price every year.

Therefore I will write again or rather update my old article to estimate the cost of mountaineering semeru april in 2019.

Mount Semeru Climbing East Java, Indonesia 

Mount Semeru which is located between Kab. Malang and Kab. Lumajang has an altitude of 3676 MDPL, it’s no wonder many people are eager to climb this mountain, besides being the highest mountain on the island of Java, Semeru Mountain is even more attractive because it has a lake on its climbing path, Ranu Kumbolo.mount semeru trekking

directly on the discussion of the estimated cost of climbing Mount Semeru.

I departed from Jakarta with my 2 friends on the train back and forth with a fee of Rp. 218,000 per person or Rp. 109,000 one way. If you depart from another city, please check the train ticket at the official KAI website.

At that time, it departed from Jakarta on Wednesday at 3:15 p.m. and arrived at Thursday at 7:51 with plans to climb Thursday to Sunday 4 days 3 nights.

After arriving at the poor station I met another group that was heading towards Semeru too. The journey continues with a charter of angkot cars in Malang – overlapping markets. The price per car is actually pretty smart, our bids are only around 130-150 thousand, but the driver must offer more than that price, just eat as much as you can hehe. Yesterday I got the price per 1 car Rp. 130,000 or Rp. 17,000 per person because my group joined with another group of 5 people so a total of 8 people, cheap right?

But this is for the scenario of more than 5 people, if you are only three from statsiun malang heading to overlap, I have another alternative, that is to take an angkot that runs the terminal of Arjosari, from the Arjosari terminal to take a ride that goes to overlap. I don’t know what the price is, which will definitely be cheaper than those of you charter 1 angkot three. If the charter of angkot has three different prices, the difference is the same as the price of the charter of the eight angkot which is only given less than Rp. 10,000 only.

Well after arriving in overlapping if someone wants to be bought, directly buy it at the market, or if there is a shortage of equipment can also be rented there, the main thing is that the incomplete inventory can be equipped in a ride.

Oiya, in terms of the latest Semeru mountain climbing 2019, the health letter must be the latest, if not mistaken, make a healthy letter MAX-1 from the time of the climb, so if you haven’t made a healthy letter for the conditions for mount Semeru climbing, you can ask your brother jeep examination clinic health is overlapping.

Jeep Price To Climbing Mount Semeru 2019

Jeep prices for overlapping trips – Ranu Pani is around Rp. 700,000 and not negotiable.

There are 2 options here

Wait until the full jeep is usually 10-12 people
How many people go straight even though it is not full, but the price charged remains the same problem which is calculated per car not per person.

I used the first option because with me there were 8 people so I waited 2 to 4 more people to leave and finally I left in 10 jeeps, there were an additional 2 people who just arrived. Automatic fees per person Rp. 70,000.

Actually there is another alternative if you want to be cheaper and less complicated, that is, charter a jeep from Malang Station directly to Ranu Pani, many online jeep charter places, actually the pickup can be adjusted, it doesn’t have to be on the road depending on the agreement with the jeep rental place. The price of a charter jeep to commute starts from Rp. 150,000 to Rp. 300,000 per person. Usually if you charter a jeep like this, there are many benefits, you can get free basecamp and others.

Now after arriving in Ranu Pani we will be invited to a briefing to be given an explanation of the rules of the game if you want to climb Mount Semeru.

Cehck the pacakge mount semeru climbing kumbolo lake 3days

Is there anyone asking after what the briefing continues? Yes, immediately climb up, uh, no, I have to confirm the registration first, hehe

There is a lot of temptation in Semeru, every time the post continues, where is there a mountain that sells watermelon and a super delicious fried food in Semeru (usually pocket money is drained here).

Oiya, as mentioned above, TNBTS issued a new Semeru mountain climbing regulation in 2019, namely registering online simulations such as registration simaksi conducted in Gunung Gede Pangrango TNGGP. So the money is paid in advance by bank transfer.

For tariffs, climbing Mount Semeru costs Rp. 17,500 for the week day and Rp. 22,500 for week end. I climbed Thursday until Sunday, which means that I have to pay 2 days a week and 2 days weekend of Rp. 80,000

This rate applies to local tourists, there is a special price for foreign tourists, namely Rp. 210,000 for weekday and Rp. 310,000 for the weekend.

Now if you go up the mountain it’s finished, now we discuss the costs for the trip home.

From Ranupani – St. Malang, I got a jeep that would take me directly to Malang Station at a price of Rp. 700,000 for 8 people so we don’t need to be complicated anymore to find transportation in overlap.

The price is the same even though here it is directly from Ranu Pani – Malang, further than the overlapping Pani trip, because in Ranupani I was offered directly by the driver for the return trip (Gapake Brokers) even though there were brokers but I hockey got an offer directly from the driver. Here you can coordinate / bargain the price and where to deliver it.

Keep in mind train tickets for weekends are usually gone far in advance, if you run out you can’t help but have to buy a price of more than Rp. 200,000 then order tickets from far away in the future to get cheap tickets, unless you do have an excessive budget.

Because the train journey is quite long, which is around 16 hours, then provide a budget to buy lunch outside the station, because if you eat on the train once you eat it, you can get a price of more than 30 rb

Now the summary of the costs is as below.

Costs to mount semeru climbing by backpacking

1 St. Monday – St. Malang Train Matarmaja 3 Rp. 327,000 Rp. 109,000
2 St. Malang – Overlapping Carter angkot market 8 Rp. 130,000 Rp. 17,000
3 Overlapping markets – Ranu Pani Carter Jeep 10 Rp. 700,000 Rp. 70,000
4 Ranu pani – st. Malang Carter Jeep 10 Rp. 700,000 Rp. 70,000
5 St. poor – St. Senen Train Matarmaja 3 Rp. 327,000 Rp. 109,000
6 Provision on the train (2 meals) round trip
3 Rp. 120,000 Rp. 40,000
7 Joint logistics and equipment rental
3 Rp. 400,000 Rp. 133,000
9 Simulations 4 H 3 M 3 Rp. 240,000 Rp. 80,000
8 Personal pocket money

Rp. 100,000
10 Unexpected costs Rp. 70,000
Amount of Rp. 798,000

So the cost required for the mountain semeru pedestal from Jakarta is at least 700 – 800 thousand, indeed there are differences in prices from 2016, most of which changed from public transportation and jeeps to Ranu Pani and when returning. chek package mount bromo semeru trekking 4 days

Yep, that’s enough until here, this time, if you have read the estimated cost of climbing Semeru Mountain in 2018m, if anyone wants to be asked, please write in the comment column, yes. It is incomplete if you do not read the estimated time, please see the article in the following link Estimating the Climbing Time of Mount Semeru.

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