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crater of mount bromo -Mount Bromo is an active volcano and is located on four borders in East Java, namely Malang Regency, Probolinggo Regency, Pasuruan Regency and Lumajang Regency and is under the supervision of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park (TNBTS),

It is stated that it is still active because Mount Bromo has a crater with a diameter of ± 800 meters (from north-south) and ± 600 meters (from east-west). Whereas for areas that can be dangerous in the form of circles that have radius 4 km from the center of Mount Bromo Crater. This Mount Bromo crater is a small hole that emits white sulfur smoke.

Crater of mount bromo

crater of mount bromo

Mount Bromo besides being famous for the Sunrise at Penanjakan 1 (view point) also has a crater that is still active and also made interesting tourist attractions in Bromo so that this mountain is famous in the world traveling both foreign tourists and domestic tourists,

Not only the bromo crater that spouted beautiful blerang smoke but there is still a vast expanse of savanna that resembles a children’s film called teletubbies, besides that there is still whispering sand which is still the last visit of Bromo tourism object called Gunung Bromo 4 location:

Stairs to the Mount Bromo Crater

Mount Bromo Crater To go to Bromo Crater from the Bromo Jeep parking area, you will travel with a duration of 1.5 hours and climb – + 250 steps to get to the lips of this beautiful, beautiful Mount Bromo crater, or with other alternatives using services rent a horse,

For the price of horse rental services ranging from 100-150 rb for PP, but these prices can change according to the number of tourists who come and vacation to Mount Bromo. You need to be careful again after arriving here. Apart from the risk of slipping or falling due to the very steep terrain, the hot gas produced from the Crater is also very dangerous. Most of the hydrogen sulfide (H2S) hot gas will spray directly up.

How to Get Mount Bromo Crater ?

After arriving at the top of Mount Bromo which has an altitude of 2,329 meters above sea level, you will find that Mount Bromo deserves a historical record that this mountain is the number 3 most beautiful in the world. From this peak you can see the vast expanse of sea sand and Punten Temple which are the place of worship of the tengger community and is used as an event for the tengger tribe or often called the kasada ceremony or fertility which is commemorated or held in the middle of the night until early morning every full moon around the 14th or 15th of the month according to the Javanese calendar, and and Mount Semeru which is the highest mountain on Java.

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Mount Bromo crater is one of the mountains located in the Tengger Mountains which has an altitude of 2,392 meters above sea level. The Mount Bromo crater is located in four regions, namely Probolinggo, Pasuruan, Lumajang, and Malang Regency. The special tourist attraction of Mount Bromo is an active crater that pours white smoke with its vast sea of ​​sand surrounding the Bromo crater

The history of the formation of the Mount Bromo Crater and the surrounding mountains originated from the existence of Mount Tengger (4,000 masl) which was the largest and highest mountain at that time. Then there was a massive eruption which created a caldera measuring more than 9 kilometers in diameter. Volcanic material from the eruption of the mountain has now turned into a sea of ​​sand, said the material was once covered by water. Volcanic activity with the emergence of magma passages has resulted in the formation of new mountains such as Mount Bromo, Mount Widodaren, Mount Batok, Mount Watangan, Gunung Kursi.

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