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Spectacular Camping At Penanjakan ( View Point Of Bromo ) How to enjoy Bromo with an adventure feel. More economical, wake up and come out of the tent, immediately greeted by a spectacular view of the rising sun … The conditions, prepare mental and physical maturity.

The popularity of Bromo as a destination of a million people has made the cost of accommodation in Bromo jump sharply. Well, for your charming friend who wants to see the beauty of Mount Bromo, you can choose an alternative with cheap or backpacker methods, namely by using public transportation and camping under the moonlight.

Bukit Mentigen, still within the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park (TNBTS) area, which is behind the Lava View Lodge hotel area is a recommended camping ground area. Besides being safer, the camping area is also equipped with quite crucial facilities, namely toilets.

And the most exciting, from this camping ground location, we can capture the beauty of the sunrise moment on the background of Mount Argopuro. Wake up in the morning, out of the tent, immediately greeted by beautiful views. But if you want to be more fantastic, you need to climb since 3:00 in the morning.

In addition to the Lava View Lodge camping ground area, there are also some climbers who choose to camp in sandy areas or in Padjajaran II area. However, this area was not recommended by TNBTS officers, because the wind was so cold and worried about the risk of the tent being hit by a horse or a passing car.

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Camping At Penanjakan Bromo

camping penanjakan bromo

Camping Tips on Penanjakan Bromo

Camping at Mount Bromo needs careful preparation. Because this area has a drastic change in temperature, which is temperature 5? in the early hours and reach 28? at noon. Ranging from camping equipment supplies to logistics also need to be regulated in detail. Here are some things you need to pay attention to before you decide to camp in the Mount Bromo area.

1. Prepare physically to stay fit. This is the key to success for adventure. Of course it’s not fun if you are passionate about traveling, once you reach your destination, you fall ill.

2. Bring medicines that are often used, especially if you have a history of specific diseases. Remember, in the TNBTS area there are no pharmacies or drug stores.

3. From Probolinggo to Bromo there is a type of Elf transport that stands by near the terminal. This transportation will depart if the number of passengers is sufficient for the quota, a minimum of about 10 passengers at a cost of around 25 thousand per person. Try to arrive at Probolinggo before 4 pm, because that is the last time Elf will operate, unless Buddy Enchant has a large group that is likely that the Elves will still be willing to deliver.

4. Physical must be strong to walk. Because the terrain to be traversed is quite difficult and its location is quite far from the campsite.

5. As an alternative, you can rent a jeep with friends or join other groups. This is the most widely chosen choice. The cost of renting a jeep is around 350 thousand with a passenger capacity of 6 people, so each person will pay around 60 thousand. Of course a joint venture will be cheaper than renting a car. The advantage of this jeep is clearly convenience. However, we are only escorted to Penanjakan and Mount Bromo, if you want to whisper sand and teletubbies hills have to pay again.

6. The last option is motorcycle taxi. The cost of riding a motorcycle taxi of Rp 80-100 thousand, we will be delivered to Penanjakan, Mount Bromo, to the foot of the mountain. The jeep stop is still quite far from the foot of the mountain, whispering sand and teletubbies hill. If you ride a motorcycle taxi, you will not be limited by time. But the drawback, if there is rain, so wet. Better prepare a raincoat.

7. Bromo and Tengger areas are at an altitude of more than 1000 meters above sea level, so the temperature there is quite cold, prepare a thick jacket to stay comfortable and prevent hypothermia.

What’s on Mount Bromo?

Besides seeing the amazing beauty of the sunrise above Penanjakan View Point, there are several other tourist destinations that you can visit. Among them down and capture photos in the desert where the film whispered Sand. This vast expanse of dry grassy sand often makes the sand fly by strong winds. For that, it would be nice if you bring glasses plus a nose covering so that your eyes do not get twisted.

Amazing view is also seen at the foot of Mount Bromo with the beautiful natural relief of the mountain walls. But prepare shoes that are comfortable and physically fit. After going along a sandy road that has been made in such a way as a path to the top of a mountain, Sobat Pesona still has to go through around 250 steps to see the crater of Mount Bromo. With a jeep it takes around 30 minutes.

How to Get Camping At Bromo ?

From the Probolinggo terminal, Buddy Pesona can use ELF transportation to ride to Bromo. Generally this ELF driver sets a tariff of around Rp 40 thousand per person to arrive at the gate of the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. Arriving at TNBTS, Sobat Pesona will be charged a fee of around Rp. 30,000 / person and Rp. 10,000 for four-wheeled vehicles to enter the Lava View Lodge campsite. In addition to roads that are good enough to be traversed, along the way, you will be presented with views of the plantation.

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Tour Package

Please click link below to get information package:

Mount Bromo Camping Tour Packages 2019

This Camping Package at Mount Bromo is the newest tour package option, and this package is very suitable if you choose it as a Family package program or in the context of a Honeymoon. And to start this tour package you can start from Surabaya, Malang or Banyuwangi with the following scudles:


  • We begin with your pick-up at Surabaya, Malang, Banyuwangi, then go to Bromo, which is Mentigen Hill in Cemoro Lawang area for 3.5 hours.
    Arriving at the camp site, stay in a tent for 1 night while enjoying the natural beauty of the surrounding area, between the expanse of sand sea, Mount Batok, Bromo Tourism crater, Mount Semeru Mahameru and other natural beauty around Percutian Bromo


  • 02:30 AM You will be picked up using Jeep Bromo and head to the top of climb 1 (the best place to see Sunrise and Milky Way). in this Bromo Penanjakan we wait for the sunrise tour at 05:20. to see the panorama around Mount Bromo, namely the sea of ​​sand, G Batok and Mt Semeru (the highest mountain in Java) until 06.30AM.
    Then the tour continues to Bromo Crater, here we can walk or rent a horse that starts from the Jeep parking lot with a duration of 20 minutes to reach Bromo Crater.
    After that, we will continue by visiting Pasir Berbisik, Padang Savana, and Bromo teletubbies hill.
    Then we took the participants back to Surabaya, Malang, Batu city, and the Surabaya Camping Percutian Package was finished.
    Thus the info about “Bromo Camping Tourism Package”. For info on Bromo Tourism Package Prices and other travel facilities, please contact the contact that we provide.

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Well, that’s above the explanation about camping penanjakan bromo, Hopefully it is useful. Thanks.

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