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Visit Mount Bromo East Java Without Tour – lately Mount Bromo is increasingly visited by travelers. Both local and foreign tourists who are exploring Java.

During this time most local tourists chose to Bromo by taking a jeep tour. But it turns out there are also independent ways that are no less exciting and challenging.

Tips To Bromo Without Tour

bromo without tour

Mount Bromo is one of the favorite tourist destinations in East Java. Although not the highest mountain in the Semeru mountain range, but Bromo is the most famous especially thanks to the beauty of its crater and the sea of sand.

Often tourists use jeep tour services to get to Bromo. But what if you want to go to Bromo without a tour? How to leave the answer.

Bromo is in four districts, namely Pasuruan, Lumajang, Malang and Probolinggo. One of the closest cities is Probolinggo which can be reached by train. From Probolinggo Station, take an angkot or motorcycle taxi to the Bayuangga bus terminal which is a parking space for the shuttle bus going to Bromo.

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Price Entrance Ticket At Mount Bromo

For entrance tickets, IDR 35,000 per person for Indonesians and IDR 5,000 for motorbike entrance tickets. for more expensive foreign entry tickets around IDR 217,500, – IDR 317,500

During the trip, Friend Traveler must continue to be aware of the extreme terrain. There is only one path to the One and Climbing Two. The road is narrow, the asphalt is broken, one side is a chasm, so it is quite dangerous.

Last September, the second time to Bromo, we used travel services. The cheapest price that was successfully negotiated was Rp.195,000 per person with a quota of 6 people (for private trips). The package with the price of Rp1.170,000 includes the return area of Malang, rental of Jeep, entrance ticket, and rundown to cool spots. If you do not want to be complicated, the service is quite easy. Clever origin to bid.

Travel To Mount Bromo With Shuttle Bus 

Shuttle buses that usually park in front of the new bus terminal will depart after the 15 passenger quota is fulfilled. The ticket price is IDR 35,000 per person. But if you want to leave immediately but the number of passengers is less than 15 people, then the driver usually raises the price to IDR 55,000 or IDR 60,000 per person.
The trip to Bromo itself takes 1.5 hours. Because the average climb starts at 3pm, you should take a bus to Bromo in the afternoon. Evenings can be spent on a walk in the sloping town of Bromo or relax at an inn or villa.

Most tourists start climbing at 3am to get a good spot at sunrise. Although you can take a motorcycle taxi, public transportation or jeep, walking can also be tried because it is healthier. After climbing 1 hour, you will arrive at Viewpoint 1 or 2. To enter the area of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, you need to pay a ticket of Rp. 60,000.

How to Get Mount Bromo ?

How to acquire there?, You can begin from Bondowos.

A public bus departed the Bondowoso bus station bound for Probolinggo (just as it would from Surabaya or Yogyakarta) several era per day. Catching the afternoon bus, you must paid 16,000 Rupiah to the bus attendant and approved in for the 4-hour ride.

Stopping a few time to let upon guitar-playing buskers and snack touts, the ride took me through absolutely astonishing countryside and without help made minimal, and enormously brief, stops.

From Probolinggo, a little bus takes off for Cemoro Lawang (the base of Bromo) bearing in mind full. This can be contracted for 30,000 Rupiah one-way at Toto travel at the Probolinggo bus station.

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NEED a Travel Agency Or Travel to Bromo without tour? 

travel agent bromo wonderfuleastjavaWE have been serving many customers from many countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hongkong, Japan, France, Netherland, England, Thailand, Chinese and australia even though they are traveling in Bromo Ijen gone safe transportation.

I am comfortable to accomplish you the pretty ofMount Bromo Ijen.

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Vacation with a minimum budget is no longer a shame. In fact, those who are good at managing finances will get a more satisfying experience. Well, for a Traveler Friend who wants to explore Mount Bromo and ijen crater tour package without fear of draining the bag. Here are some tips from Contributing Traveling, Reezumiku, which can be applied during a budget vacation in Bromo.

Choose Comfortable Accommodation

The first time I went to Bromo, I chased a busy car. From the house to the Tengger Semeru area it should require a journey of 8 hours. However, the plan to see the morning sunrise failed, because the vehicle broke down for more than an hour. Indeed, not all types of vehicles can conquer mountain terrain. Well, because of that also choosing accommodation must be considered. If you have a dashing wheeled car or a tough motorcycle it can be your own advantage. The reason, Friend Traveler does not need to rent a jeep for Rp. 700,000 to millions of rupiah.

Tour Package Bromo 

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