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best advice while visiting Mount Bromo on Tripadvisor –  But there are some things that must be considered and carefully planned before deciding to go on vacation to Bromo. Starting from choosing the right time, transportation you want to choose and so on.
Holidays to Bromo may be the dream of many people. But there are some things that must be considered and carefully planned before deciding to go on vacation to Bromo. Starting from choosing the right time, transportation you want to choose and so on.

Here are some tips for those of you who want a vacation to Bromo:

Mount bromo trip advisor

bromo tripadvisor

1. Choose the best time to visit Bromo
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The best time for a holiday to Bromo. Photo:

The best time to visit Bromo is during the dry season. So if this Lebaran holiday you intend to take your family to Bromo, it might be the right time. Because now Indonesia is already entering the dry season.

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Visiting Bromo in the dry season is considered the most appropriate time because at that time the weather is very sunny and not cloudy. Sunrise also looks very clear. Isn’t sunrise the main destination for Bromo? It is unfortunate if we miss Bromo golden sunrise

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2. Consideration when choosing whether or not to rent a jeep
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Do you want to ride a jeep or not? 

Before deciding to hire a Jeep, where will you start the trip? Because the jeep rental price adjusts the place of departure. Jeep rentals from Wonokirti Pasuruan and Cemoro Lawang Probolinggo are much cheaper than renting them from Malang or Surabaya.

If you are traveling with family (more than 4 people), it is cheaper to rent a jeep. Jeep rental packages for the purpose of Bromo Crater, Pasir Berbisik, and Padang Savana from Malang are priced at around 1,250,000 Rupiah. This price may rise dramatically during high season.

However, if you are traveling alone, renting a motorbike will be far more economical. Many motorbike rentals in Malang. Rent a motorbike long before leaving for Malang. So, when it arrived, the motorbike was ready. Motorbike rental costs per day are around 80,000 Rupiah. That still doesn’t include gasoline, and prices may also rise during the high season.

3. Choosing lodging while in Malang
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Vacation to Bromo is better to find lodging in Malang. 

While on holiday to Bromo and departing from Malang by renting a jeep, then you should choose lodging in Malang. Although there are not many cheap lodging options like in Jogja, there are some hotels that are quite comfortable.

With 49,587 rupiahs of money, you can stay in hostel style at Tya Backpackers Malang. This inn is located in the center of Malang, so it is quite easy to access to travel.

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Other cheap lodging recommendations are at Kavie Hostel Malang. Similar to Tya Backpackers, this inn is specifically for those of you who vacation with minimal budget. Rent per night is 74,380 rupiah.

How to Get Mount Bromo From Malang ?

4. Travel from Malang to Bromo
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The trip will be easier with a jeep. 

Travel to Bromo is easier if you rent a jeep. You only need to wait at the inn, then the jeep picks up and drives to Mount Bromo. Usually, the jeep driver will pick up at midnight. So, you will not miss the sunrise moment.

During the whole day, the father of the jeep driver will take a tour around Bromo. Starting from watching the sunrise on climbing, playing in the whispering sand, to the crater of Bromo, and don’t forget the beautiful photos in the Padang Savana. After being satisfied, the Jeep driver will take you back at the Malang Inn.

NEED a Travel Agent Or bromo trip advisor Information?

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Mount Bromo is managed by Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park (TNBTS) and is included in several regency areas in East Java. Mount Bromo Tour is the most preferred choice for tourists not only because of the beauty of the still active mountain but also the beauty of the vast savanna fields that stretch around the mountain, legendary temples at the foot of the mountain, and cultural tourism from the Tengger tribe who are native of Bromo.

For those of you who have never climbed a mountain, you don’t need to worry about getting tired or cold because you don’t have to walk climbing hundreds of meters to get to the top of Bromo. There are already stairs to climb to the top, and if you are tired of walking then there is a service for ‘riding a horse’, want to drink hot coffee? there are also hot coffee vendors, there are even ‘photo taking’ services. Many economic transactions occur when we observe them. Besides that not only the peak and crater of Bromo that we can enjoy its beauty, some other parts around Bromo are just as beautiful.

‘Sand Whispering’ is a sea of ​​sand that stretches across the Bromo area. Named whispering sand because if it was exposed to the wind it sounded like someone whispering.
‘The savanna’ is a sea of ​​grass around Bromo and is often used as a place for photography, or filming.
‘Bukit Cinta’ is a hill where a traveler can see Bromo golden sunrise
The legendary ‘temple’ located at the foot of Mount Bromo is certainly very exotic
Teng Tengger Culture ’on a certain date is held a cultural offering by the Tengger tribe
‘Ride a Jeep’ journey from the entrance to Bromo which is fun

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