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Package Tour Ijen Crater, Mount Bromo, Batu Malang, Surabaya 5 Days 4 Nights

mount bromo tour vanuit malang east java – In my writing, the Dangerous Path to Mount Bromo and Semeru through Malang explains how the thrill towards Mount Bromo and Semeru passes through a narrow, winding, slippery, dark, thick, and only hardened pathway and without signs as a sign and notification. Moreover, street lighting.

Two years after the writing, the route began to be fixed and smoothed with paving at several points. Especially in the initial lane, namely before and 4 km after the Coban Pelangi area, on the streets of Ngadas Village towards Jemplang, as well as the path after Jemplang to Ranu Pani.

Now, four years have passed or the path to Mount Bromo and Semeru is getting wider and smoother. If four years ago the road width was only around 4 m or 5 m with the shoulder of the road, now it was 5 m paved or around 6.5 m with the shoulder of the road. In addition, signs are also installed as a guide and notice of uphill or downhill roads and landslide hazards.

Of course increasing the quality of roads is increasing the number of tourist visits to Mount Bromo and Mount Semeru is increasing. Not only that, the most important economic turnover of rural communities in the area of ​​Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park is also increasing rapidly. If before the road quality improvement, to go to Malang from Ranu Pani for about 2 hours can now be taken only 1.5 hours. Likewise, from Ngadisari (Probolinggo), which passes through the Bromo caldera, it must be taken 2 ° 15¹ now, only 1 ° 45¹.
Ngadas (Malang) and Ranu Pani (Lumajang) villages that used to be called isolated villages because of the difficulty of transportation are now open villages and are easily accessible in all weather conditions.

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Mount Bromo Tour Vanuit Malang Cheap Price 2019

bromo tour vanuit malang

From a vantage dwindling upon Mount Penanjakan (2,770 meters above sea level), 2.5 hours from Malang.

visitors from a propos the world come to look the sunrise on top of Mt Bromo.

From this spot the vista is magnificent. every you will listen is the click of cameras as visitors snap their cameras hoping to take over the unbelievable scene of Mt Bromo in the foreground in the manner of Mt Semeru smoking in the turn away from and the sun bright brightly, quickly rising in the sky.

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Budget To Mount Bromo East Java From Malang

It is not impossible to vacation in Malang only with a budget of Rp. 3 million. And you can also visit famous attractions and hits.

This city located in East Java is not only famous for its bakwan, meatballs, Cwie Mie, pecel pincuk, and soto lombok. But it is also a legendary tour and really interesting.

Well, with just Rp. 3 million, you can already have fun in this one city. But first, it must be noted first, that this budget problem must be calculated first, right? Do not think suddenly.

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Let’s just say you want to go there for four days and three nights. More or less like this your calculation of expenses for a vacation to Malang.

1. Flight tickets 
Just ride Lion Air, cheap (Tribunnews)
Hurry, check the flight ticket at Traveloka now. From Jakarta to Malang, the Lion Air ticket for the first flight on March 29 2018 is priced at Rp. 774 thousand. But for the return ticket, it’s a bit expensive, which is Rp. 1,081,000. If in total it will be IDR 1,855,000.

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2. Stay at the homestay and meal costs
For four days and three nights, try to stay at the homestay. You can check the nearest hotel information in Airy Rooms. On that site, how come the price of lodging is only Rp 150 thousand per day. IDR 150 thousand x 4 days = IDR 600 thousand.

Well, by the way about the cost of eating, spending this one can indeed make a bag broken without you knowing it.

Always remember, you there want to take a vacation to a tourist spot, don’t want a culinary tour. It is better to budget Rp. 300 thousand for a four-day meal. Choose a place that is cheap at the edges, as long as it’s safe.

3. Rent a motorbike
For transportation there, just rent a motorbike. Just choose Chibi Rental, you can rent a Yamaha Mio with a daily rental price of Rp. 70 thousand. Includes a helmet and raincoat, you know. IDR 70 thousand x 3 days = IDR 210 thousand.

Meanwhile, for the fuel, just try to budget around Rp. 200 thousand as long as you are there. It must be enough, the Yamaha Mio is a fuel efficient scooter.

4. East Java Park
East Java Park (Tribunnews)
East Java Park aka Jatim Park might be the first tourist attraction you visit while on vacation to Malang. The address of Jatim Park is on Jl. Kartika No.2, Kota Wisata Batu.

Well if you leave on weekdays, the entrance ticket will be 30 percent discount. To enter Jatim Park 1 you only need to pay 70 thousand, while to Batu Secret Zoo Rp. 84 thousand. The Museum Angkut ticket costs IDR 70 thousand. There is also a canal ticket too, so you can visit the site more fully.

Since each zone in East Java is paid, it does not need to come to all theme parks or zones. Just budget Rp 200 thousand for a tour here.

5. Mount Bromo
Mount Bromo (Seconds)
If you make East Java Park the first destination, on the second day you can take a walk first to Mount Bromo. Now the location of this volcano is actually among four districts, namely Malang, Lumajang, Pasuruan, and Probolinggo. From Malang, the trip that you take is approximately 53 kilometers.

The price of the entrance ticket is not expensive, only Rp. 32,500. If you bring a motorbike, the parking fee is only IDR 5,000 silver. If you really decide to ride a motorbike, then the route you pass is Malang – Lawang – Purwosari – Nongkojajar Market.

Make sure your body is fit for this trip. And as much as possible, get there looking for lodging to stay overnight. Search for the price of Rp. 150 thousand, there are actually around there.

You already know about the beauty of Mount Bromo. The main thing is that this tour is a must for you to visit when you are in Malang. This tour is managed by Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park (TNBTS). So, they also have special rules for tourists there. Just drop by to the site to find out more.

6. Mount Semeru
Mount Semeru (Coverage 6)
After going to Bromo, I want to play in Semeru, it still works. Wong Semeru tourism is also managed by TNBTS as well. The location is also not far from Bromo, and has been named the highest mountain on the island of Java.

The entrance ticket is Rp. 17,500, but there is news that this mountain climbing is being closed from January 1, 2018. The closure was due to efforts to preserve the ecosystem along the hiking trail.

When will it open again? Until now there is no info. But it looks like this March hasn’t opened yet.

7. Turn to Malang and buy souvenirs
After you are satisfied to take selfies and enjoy the beautiful scenery at Bromo or Semeru, now is the time to go back to Malang and rest until you finally go home. Don’t forget, the motor you rented is reversed to the rental.

How to get to Malang Mount Bromo Indonesia ?

Careful planning, if you don’t want to bother taking care of all your needs by buying a bromo tour package from a trusted travel agent.
 If at the peak of the holiday, for example at the end of the year holiday (Christmas and New Year Bromo Tour Package or Bromo Tourism Package Eid Al-Fitr), or during the national holiday, prepare hotel and lodging accommodation in Bromo, considering that here the reception is rather limited . Unless you wish to use a homestay / villa / inn for local residents.
Collective, the meaning is to go to Mount Bromo together so that the burden of the cost of the bromo tour package can be shared. Especially if you really like to travel backpacker style. This will be much cheaper. Especially for the cost of renting a jeep bromo in Bromo because the capacity is for 6 people Call: +62 82145724443 Or right to use us from whatsapp: +62 82145724443 KLIK AND CONTINUE TO CHAT WHATSAPP.

Tips for bromo from surabaya bandung yogyakarta and jakarta please open the link route to Mount Bromo
Tips on bidding a horse at Bromo so that cheap prices can be taken as if they don’t need them
Find Cheap Car Rental Services to Bromo from Surabaya / Malang
Find a Rental and Trail Rental on Mount Bromo to go around it to make it more free and maximal
If you visit Mount Bromo during high season / peak season or during the peak holiday season or when there is an event in Bromo, for example at the Kasada Ceremony or Jazz Gunung, try far away all your needs when tourism to Bromo must be prepared especially is rent lodging and rent hartop vehicle. The number of visitors is often the problem is the inn and bromo apartment because it is indeed limited. Unless you bring a 2-wheeled vehicle while to Mount Bromo. For backpackers to Bromo it must also be prepared from the start. Because it is very regrettable if you have spent the cost and time for a holiday to Mount Bromo but can not see the beauty of the bromo sunrise which is indeed so charming. Alternatively, you can use a motorcycle taxi from the inn to Gunung Penanjakan, but the cost is even more expensive. because ojek capacity is only for one person.

If you backpackeran to Mount Bromo want to use articles and posts about the Bromo tour guide above, then our TourBromoTour Package can guarantee that your tour will be maximal. On the other hand you will automatically save costs. Too bad if the cost of bromo tourism that has been prepared instead becomes swollen from the original budget. Even if you are willing to save money in accordance with the tips above the remaining budget can be allocated for other East Java tours such as seeing the blue fire Ijen Crater or Ijen Blue Fire tour and Banyuwangi tour, Sempu Island tour, Malang Tour Package and explore tourist attractions in the city Batu Malang

NEED a Package Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour Information?

travel agent bromo wonderfuleastjava

Hunting the beauty of sunrise in the mount Bromo Tengger area, East Java, is a tourist agenda that is a pity to pass when you are there. One of the best places is in the hills of Pasuruan Regency, East Java, because it is the closest to Mount Bromo. The cold atmosphere that bites in the darkness of the night becomes a sensation of its own beautiful hunting sunrise. The journey is quite far, the typical terrain, and various other challenges must be prepared by tourists when there. Next KompasTravel summarizes tips for hunting the beauty of sunrise on the side of the Tengger Caldera, from hilltops in Pasuruan.

This article has been aired on with the title “How to Get the Best Sunrise in Climbing Bromo Tengger“,

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Tour Package East Java Mount Bromo Malang

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