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Mount Bromo Tour Package From Probolinggo Cheap Price – Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour Package via Probolinggo, Program:

  • At 01.00 from Probolinggo Hotel or Stations
    Continue the journey to Cemorolawang Probolinggo.
    Using a jeep towards Penanjakan 2.
  • Arrive at the peak of the climb, wait for the sunrise and can enjoy coffee and snacks that are sold in the climbing area. You can also rent mountain gear in the form of gloves and jackets that are provided in many of the 2 uphill stalls.
  • The sun rises around 5:15 a.m., and you can enjoy very, very beautiful scenery.
  • After the sun rises, use the original jeep towards the sea of ​​Bromo sand.
  • Upon arrival in the jeep parking area in the sea of ​​sand, you can continue the journey to the crater of Mount Bromo. Travel can be reached on foot or by horse riding which is widely offered in the area.
  • Before arriving at the lip of the crater of Mount Bromo you are treated to a view of Mount Batok or Pura Poten which is a place of worship for the Tengger tribe which is a native of Mount Bromo.
  • After descending from the lip of the crater of Mount Bromo and satisfied capturing your moments at Bromo, you are escorted back to the parking area of ​​Cemorolawang by the original jeep.
  • Upon arriving at the Cemorolawang parking area, transfer to the original car, and continue the journey. On the way you can stop by for breakfast at a local restaurant on the way back to Malang / Surabaya.
  • Arriving at the agreed place, Bromo Midnight Tourism ends.

Bromo Tour From Probolinggo

bromo tour from probolinggo

Travel Facilities for Bromo Sunrise Tour Packages via Probolinggo:

– Vehicles * Driver + BBM.
(2-5 = Avansa / 6-7 = Innova / 8-12 = ELF Tourism / 13-17 = Long ELF Tourism)
– Snack and 600ml Mineral Water.
– Jeep Bromo * 1-6 People = 1 Jeep, 7-12 People = 2 Jeeps, 13-17 People = 3 Jeeps.
– Free ticket for Bromo attractions.
– Insurance.

* Not including meals, bromo horses and personal expenses.
* What needs to be prepared / Optional: Jackets, glasses, masks, gloves.
* Not including additional jeep fees to Bukit Savana (Teletubis) and Whispering Sands. (Optional)

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We will discuss the adventures of visiting Mount Bromo in East Java.

Mount Bromo is now not just a tourist spot.
Now the Bromo area has become the location of several national and international class events. Like Jazz Gunung and Bromo Marathon.

Mount Bromo tourism is one of the mainstay destinations that Indonesia has and is always promoted abroad.

This time we will discuss in full about Mount Bromo tourism, both from accommodation, the price of admission to Bromo, the guest house in Bromo and the reality of what you can find while in Bromo.


Have you ever passed the sea of ​​sand with hills around you?
Have you ever approached the crater of an active volcano?

Have you ever enjoyed a sunrise with 3 different mountains as a background?

If you have never experienced all of that then you should visit Bromo.

Mount Bromo, Batok and Semeru
Bromo is one of the most popular natural attractions in East Java. Even though Bromo is currently erupting but hopefully this article can be your next holiday reference when Bromo is safe to visit.

There are many ways to get to Bromo. You can reach Bromo through Malang, Pasuruan, Probolinggo and Lumajang. But specifically in this post, I will share how to reach Bromo through Probolinggo.

You can use a bus or train to reach Probolinggo wherever your home is. If you use a bus, then you will stop at Terminal Probolinggo where you will pass to take the Bison to Cemoro Lawang. Cemoro Lawang is the closest village to Mount Bromo. But if you use a train, then you will stop at Probolinggo Railway Station. From the station, you can just take a public transport to get to Probolinggo Terminal.

Bison with the aim of going directly to Cemoro Lawang is outside Terminal Probolinggo. If you are confused, you can find it by asking directly to the person you meet there. Be careful with scams that often occur on Bison transportation to Cemoro Lawang. The fare for boarding the Bison to Cemoro Lawang is Rp. 30,000. If possible, advice should not come late to Probolinggo, because it is difficult to find Bison transportation to Cemoro Lawang after 5 pm Even if there is, the driver will usually increase the tariff.

Travel Agent bromo tour from probolinggo?

travel agent bromo wonderfuleastjava

Arriving at Cemoro Lawang, you can immediately search for lodging. At that time I stayed at Budi Jaya Homestay. You can read my review of this homestay on this blog (Read: Budi Jaya Homestay). Or if you don’t, look for lodging that is managed by local residents. Usually the price is relatively cheaper than staying at a hotel in Cemoro Lawang. For Budi Jaya Homestay, I get a price of Rp. 100,000 per night for 2 people. Don’t be afraid of eating problems. You can eat at the shop next to Budi Jaya Homestay. The price of the food is reasonable, it won’t drain your bag.

From Cemoro Lawang, you can choose what transportation you want to use to visit tourist spots in Bromo. Already know what are the tourist spots in Bromo? Yup, there is Penanjakan 1, Penanjakan 2, Pasir Berbisik, Bromo Crater, and Teletubies Hill. Well, if you have enough money, then you can rent a Jeep to get around the tourist spots. But if your money is tight, then try to ride a motorcycle taxi. You will get a different experience than sitting in the Jeep. You only need to pay Rp. 100,000 to get around to Penanjakan 1, Bromo Crater, Teletubies Hill, and Whispering Sand. Cheap isn’t it? If you are lucky, maybe you can negotiate to be taken to Madakaripura Waterfall too.

Sunrise from Penanjakan 1
Remember, the best time to get to Bromo is in the summer around June to October. The entrance fee to the Bromo area is Rp. 27,500 on weekdays and Rp. 32,500. Don’t forget to bring a thick jacket, gloves and scarf because later you will really need it when heading to Penanjakan 1 to enjoy the sunrise.

Some tips from me. If you want to add or want to ask questions, please leave a comment in this post.

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Well, that’s above the explanation about bromo tour from probolinggo, Hopefully it is useful. Thanks.

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