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Easy Way to Mount Bromo And Kawah Ijen With Public Transportation – Mount Bromo is still the belle of tourism for the province of East Java, who doesn’t know Bromo with its beautiful sunrise and sunset. Almost all travelers at home and abroad are very familiar with and admire the natural beauty of Bromo, so it is not surprising that a visit to Mount Bromo continues to increase from time to time.
Easy Way To Bromo With Public Transportation
Indeed, it is not difficult to visit Mount Bromo, various means of transportation can be used to get to the area of ​​Mount Bromo can use private vehicles, two wheels or by public transportation. This time we will discuss heading to Mount Bromo by means of public transportation.

Easy Way to Bromo With Public Transportation

Towards Mount Bromo by public transportation is actually very easy but requires patience and struggle because you have to move around twice the means of transportation. For a traveler friend in Surabaya and surrounding areas, if he wants to go to Mount Bromo using public transportation, from the Bungurasih Surabaya terminal, he can take a bus between cities in the province with the destination terminal Bayu Angga, Probolinggo city.

From the bus terminal of Bayu Angga, Probolinggo, a friend, a traveler, can continue his journey by taking rural transportation like Elf L-300 to get to the Cemoro Lawang area of ​​Mount Bromo. However, as much as possible, it will be endeavored to the Probolinggo terminal in the morning or a maximum during the day, in the afternoon or evening it will be difficult to find transportation to the Cemoro Lawang area because the rural transportation operates only from 08.00 to 14.00 WIB. This transportation will usually depart when the passenger is filled with 12 people if below it must wait until it is full.

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If you are already in the Cemoro Lawang area to reach the foot of Mount Bromo, you can walk 3-4 km. But if you are tired you can rent a Hardtop Jeep because only this type of car is allowed through the sea of ​​sand in Mount Bromo. For the rental price, it can be negotiated with the driver, so if you want to get a “friendly” price, you have to be really good at negotiating.

Renting a Jeep Hardtop can only go to one location, namely the crater of Mount Bromo, or several locations at once such as Penanjakan, Teletubies Hill, Whispering Sand, and Bromo Crater

Now that’s an easy way to Bromo with public transportation, the beauty of Mount Bromo is indeed second to none, the charm of the sunrise and sunset as if hypnotizing us to return to Mount Bromo. Have a nice vacation to Bromo, and enjoy all the sensations.

Ways and Transportation to Ijen Crater from Surabaya 

An invitation from my friend on Whatsapp Group “let’s go to Ijen !!! who wants to come?” make the group quiet. Of the dozens of people in the group who finally said yes, only 3 people, then the others retreated because they were traumatized and didn’t want to go there anymore, were afraid of not being strong and so on.

Transportation to Ijen Crater from Surabaya
The cheapest transportation to Kawah Ijen if individuals with friends from Surabaya are using tours and travel at a cost of only Rp. 285,000, – The facilities are using 17 ELF cars and one meal. Depart the afternoon of the previous day and return to Surabaya around 10:00 p.m., this package includes a tour to Baluran. If you want to take a private trip it costs Rp. 750,000, – without interfering with other groups.

The next transportation option is to take a private car to Banyuwangi with a total trip between 7-8 hours from Surabaya. Fuel costs around Rp. 500,000 round trip and not yet toll fee. If a family rides a private car is certainly cheaper than traveling. But also note that if the driver joins the trekking you should stay in Banyuwangi so you don’t get tired.

Surabaya trip to Ijen Crater
We departed from the Sutos Surabaya point around 6pm, around 2 hours delayed from the scheduled departure because ELF had not arrived. Well, it’s not bad if you gather in the Sutos lobby, you can’t sit idly on the sidewalk, or on the floor because the mall security guards are really snapping at anyone who is determined to sit. Not bad for two hours standing while waiting for ELF.

There are around 100 people with 6 ELF. We’ve booked a seat at a cost of Rp. 5,000, – / person, we occupy seats in row 2 with seat 4 people. Quite narrow because we are big size, especially my fantastic body. My friend Yuni’s MBA seems to be suffering the most because of my right side being crushed by the bumper, as well as me who is half-seated in a chair and half-seated on a cell phone charger.

But during the trip, I was very happy because my own friends had memorized each other’s characters and had not gathered for a long time so that they were a gossip. At 22:00 we stopped at the Main Rest Area in Situbondo for 45 minutes. Pretty stop at this rest area to warm the body and also straighten the body after coinciding for 4 hours.

Trekking at Ijen Crater
At around 1:45 we arrived at the Ijen crater parking lot. The weather is not very supportive, that is drizzle is quite heavy and also cold piercing. My preparations were complete, starting from long johns, thick jacket, gloves, and mountain sandals, but forgot not to wear socks and didn’t bring a raincoat. Finally, I borrowed a friend’s socks, then because of the waterproof jacket it didn’t matter even though it was raining. For raincoat, many sell for Rp. 20,000, –

After the briefing, I had to go to the bathroom which was queued badly. From 02.00 hours I queued for about 20 minutes to go to the toilet. I was forced to stand in line for fear of pee on trekking which is 3.1 km later. The group of one hundred people who had been divided up leaving only a few of us only. The ticket costs Rp. 7,500 – is included in the travel package.

Before leaving for the Ijen Crater, I had already entered and entered various blogs and also YouTube. On average, they are going up to the Ijen because the terrain rises sharply and the cold is minus. I also read in a blog that used to be trekking even the first 15 minutes were exhausted. Immediately imagine that I rarely exercise wkwkkwk.

Medan in Ijen Crater is rarely a flat terrain, starting with the initial climb has climbed. The longer the walk is not even flattered but even higher with sharp turns. There are a number of stops at several turns to make the climbers rest. Even though there is a stop post, do not imagine eating hot pop noodles or warm tea because the stop is only a sign that we have passed a number of points of the climb.

A few steps walking I was staggering, my breath was panting like oxygen could not enter into the lungs. I then asked to stop breathing first, it seems like I took the breath from my mouth instead of my nose. I who used a smartwatch immediately measured my heart rate, it was almost 178.

My friend, Miss Yuni, brought me my bag. I offered her sweet chocolate. Mba Eda gave her advice to burn my spirits while carrying a flashlight illuminating the road. So chocolate, when it goes up the mountain, can be to burn energy so it does not go limp. It’s very proven for me to not be limp and nauseous.

Alternative Taxi Take to Ijen Crater

Along the way to Ijen Crater from starting from the starting point of climbing to the top of the top many offers to take a taxi. This taxi is not a taxi for cars or motorbikes, but taxis that use human-drawn strollers. The train when departing at the climb will be pulled by two people, one on the front and one on the back. The fee from the starting point is Rp. 800,000, – to go home, after passing the first post it costs Rp. 700,000, and if you go home it costs Rp. 200,000, –

Do not imagine that a taxi in the style of the Ijen Crater was pulled by young fathers but on average 45 years old and above. His body was thin but extra strength. They use plastic boots so there’s no need to worry about slipping when pulling passengers. But I have not felt the taxi ride because my legs are still strong and my friends who have the same vision and mission ride, Ijen Crater, without the help of a taxi.

Equipment that must be taken

  • Thick jacket that can be waterproof
  • Long John (winter special underwear)
  • Socks
  • Mountain hat
  • Gloves
  • Special mountain shoes or sandals
  • Chocolate and sweet drinks
  • Smartwatch to measure heart rate
  • Portable oxygen (for those who have short breaths)
  • Water
  • Flashlight

It seems like it’s enough just once to go to IJen Crater … not sorry to Ijen Crater but my stamina is better to the next climb like Dieng or Semeru to explore other tourist destinations. Coming home from Ijen Crater, my calves hurt about three days to walk, on the fourth day the calves were not stiff again.

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