About Us

WONDERFUL EAST JAVA is an online travel agent based in Probolinggo East Java, since the end of 2009 we started to pioneer this business with the aim to facilitate you to do tourism in east java especially for mountain area of ​​Bromo, Kawah Ijen Malang, Surabaya stone tourism city and also Banyuwangi and other tours in eastern Java. Although we must admit to this business competition, now is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. But we have principles if others can why we do not! Therefore we are ready to compete well in providing services for you, both from the service factor and also the cheap price.

Armed with our experience approximately 9 years of joining in one travel agency, as well as support from our team that has enough experience so we ventured plunge in this world of travel. The increasing of tourism in east java and visit from tourist which from year to year increase sharply, this is our main reason.

For the type of service we offer here is fairly complete, here is a list of services we prepared for you:

1. Tour Packages

Tour packages that we provide there are several options, such as bromo tour packages, package tours malang, package tour malang, tour packages crater ijen, package city tour and others – others.

2. Car Rental

We also provide special services for car rental in Surabaya area, Malang and Batu tourism city. The cars we provide also vary like, avanza, elf, bus, jeep bromo and also motorcycle.

3. Tour Guide

If you are confused when in East Java and need guidance, then we have prepared an English-speaking guide to facilitate you find access to the location of your destination.

4. Booking Hotel / Homestay / Villa

For those of you who need information about lodging in bromo or unfortunate area, we are also ready to help you at any time.

5. Ticket

Information about the price of tourist tickets in the surrounding area of ​​bromo, malang city tour of batu please contact us.

That’s a little introduction about us, hopefully can lead you to the trust and service we provide. Happy holiday in east jawa !!!

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